Long Lost Sibling

Amber Marie Tompson is an ordinary 21 year old girl...
Normal parents, Normal friends, Normal life
But one day Amber found a letter adressed to her from 13 years ago

What will happen after she finds out who she REALLY is??
What will happen when that one letter changes everything??

~~~~read to find out~~~~
(Copyright 2012 Ms.Nialler)


26. Out Cold

****Harry's POV****

Everything was dark. The air was cold and wet. I could tell that I was in some kind of basement. When I tried to move I realized that my wrists and ankles were tied down to a chair. I gave up trying to get free a few moments before the sound of a door slamming startled me. Looking up in that direction, she was standing in the doorway.

****Ashley's POV****

Returning back down to the basement, and already awaken Harry welcomed me.

"Had a nice nap?" I asked with a smirk "I wish I didn't have to do this" I lied

He tried talking but I guess he didn't notice his mouth was duck taped shut. Guess he noticed now.
I walked over to him, ripping off the tape making him shriek. Laughing, I went back upstairs telling the others Harry was awake.

****Nobody's POV****

Back at the boys' house, Lou and Niall were panicking. Niall, even more.

"How could this happen? Who would do this?" Niall said whist crying

Lou tried comforting him, but it was no use. While those two were downstairs, Liam was upstairs making up a plan with Zayn.

"So you understand everything, right?" Liam asked him

"Yes. You track Jaclyn's location using her phone. And when you do both of us go find her." Zayn repeated the plan back to Liam.

Both boys got up, went downstairs and got into their car parked outside the house. They told Niall and Louis they're going out for food, which was convincing. As Liam was driving he went over the plan again and again in his head.

What Liam doesn't know is that Zayn is also gonna look for Tory.

****Tory's POV****

That Austin guy grabbed me earlier and brung me downstairs to some dark room. It smelled like something died in here. He then tied me up and then left me alone in here. I dont know how long its been since I was taken but all I know is that its been a couple days. The room wasn't sound proof so I was able to hear everything thats going on outside of the room.

"ASHLEY LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Someone screamed from a couple of doors down

The voice sounded so familiar.


"TORY?!" The other person yelled my name "ARE YOU OK?!"


I was so happy to know that Harry came and tried to save me. But the happiness went away and turned into sadness. We were both trapped and have no way out of here.

Suddenly a bright light shined into the dark room blinding me. After my eyes adjusted, I tried to get a good look at the person, when something covered my nose and mouth, knocking me out in a few seconds.

****Zayn's POV****

We made it to the place were Jaclyn was taken. This is also the place where Tory was taken too. Whoever this guy is, is gonna get his butt beat. Me and Liam split up searching around the outside of the cabin, looking for a back entrance. I finally found one and entered the place. I heard screaming from downstairs, so thats where I went.

"TORY?! ARE YOU OK?!" I heard a voice that sounded alot like Harry


I entered the first door you see as soon as you come down the stairs. Nobody was in there. I then went into the next door and saw Tory. I guess the sudden light blinded her for a few seconds. But before she could get a good look at my face, I put a cloth with chloroform on it over her mouth and nose, knocking her out cold.

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