Long Lost Sibling

Amber Marie Tompson is an ordinary 21 year old girl...
Normal parents, Normal friends, Normal life
But one day Amber found a letter adressed to her from 13 years ago

What will happen after she finds out who she REALLY is??
What will happen when that one letter changes everything??

~~~~read to find out~~~~
(Copyright 2012 Ms.Nialler)


25. Now all we have to do is wait

****Nobody's POV****

An hour after Harry left, Niall, Louis and Jaclyn returned back to the house. What everyone doesnt know is that a member of there group has something to do with Tory's kidnapping.

"Im gonna go take a shower" Jaclyn said to Niall who was watching TV
"Alright. Have fun with that." Niall said back

Jaclyn went upstairs to the bathroom and closed the door. Louis then walked in the living room and sat next to Niall.

"Where did your sister go?" He asked
"Oh just to take a shower." Niall informed him

Lou just nodded his head. Suddenly both boys jumped up from the couch because they heard an ear piercing scream. It was Jaclyn.

****Louis's POV****

Niall and I ran upstairs. We tried to open the door, but it was locked. Niall kept banging on it, telling Jaclyn to open the door.

"HELP!!! NIALL HELP!!!" She cried out in fear

I told Niall to back up and I kicked the door open. When we finally got in, the bathroom was a mess and Jaclyn......was gone.

****Tory's POV****

I was woken up by someone throwing ice cold water on me. It was Ashley, the one I guess is in charge. She just smirked and went back upstairs. A few minutes later Justin came down with a towel and a knife. I had no clue what he was gonna do with the knife and I couldnt ask. Last night when everyone was sleep, Ashley came down and ducktaped my mouth shut. She's a b- nevermind. As Justin came closer I started to shake.

"Dont worry. I'm just gonna untie you from the chair." He said going behind me

In a matter of minutes I was free. My wrists and ankles might hurt a lot but I'm free. Justin helped me up and dried some of the water off me.

"Thanks" I said slightly smiling
"It was nothing." He said back looking into my eyes

Justin and I have gotten to know eachother better since last night. He's like the janitor of the place. There to clean up the mess Ashley makes. I didnt realize it but Justin started to lean in, and I did to!! I guess it wasnt a bad thing. He closed his eyes and I followed. This is actually happening! NO!! Tory stop. Think about......ughhh. HARRY!!

"We cant do this" I told him moving away quickly
"Yea. Your right." He paused
"Sorry wrong?" Noticing he looked nervous
"Its just....I almost cheated on my girlfriend" He said scratching the back of his head

GIRLFRIEND?!! He has a girlfriend!! Well, I almot did the same with Harry so I guess it wasnt a big deal. Justin left to go back upstairs, leaving me with my thoughts of ever being saved.

****Harry's POV****

I arrived at the place Ashley told me to. It was kinda dark out, so I quickly walked to the front door. Knocking once, there was no answer. Knocking again, still...no answer. Before I could knock again, a familiar face answer the door, but I couldnt believe it was her.

****Jaclyn's POV****

After I was "taken" from the bathroom, everything started to go as planned. Justin made Tory lose trust in him, Ashley got Harry to come to the cabin and Austin....well you'll just find out later. Im the one responsible of everything that has happened. Not Ashley.

As Harry was standing there in shocked, he was suddenly hit from behind, knocking him out cold.

"Good job. Now bring him inside and tie this lovely angel up downstairs in the basement" I told Ashley

Now all we have to do is wait.
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