Long Lost Sibling

Amber Marie Tompson is an ordinary 21 year old girl...
Normal parents, Normal friends, Normal life
But one day Amber found a letter adressed to her from 13 years ago

What will happen after she finds out who she REALLY is??
What will happen when that one letter changes everything??

~~~~read to find out~~~~
(Copyright 2012 Ms.Nialler)


20. Missing (pt.3)

~~Justin's POV~~

I was sitting in the living room watching tv, when I stopped on some reality tv news crap.
As I was boredly watching it.

"JUSTIN!!" My wonderful Ashley summoned me downstairs.

I groans getting up from my comfortable seat and made my way downstairs to the basements cellar.
You see I own this cabin and I kinda owe Ashley, so im letting her borrow it.
See we're even.
As I came into the cellar, something told me that she realized who I was.

"OMG YOU'RE JUSTIN BIEBER!!" Maybe thats what told me.

I turned and looked at her.
To my surprise she was actually really beautiful.
Long brown hair thats falls perfectly down her back.
The most beautiful sea green eyes that'll light up any dark room.
Just perfect.

"JUSTIN!!" Ashley yelled into my ear trying to get my attention "What were you daydreaming about??" She asked suspicious of my behavior

I shook my head "So what did you need??" I asked trying to get to the point why Im down here.
"I need you and Austin to take her to the room upstairs" She ordered
"AUSTIN!!" I called for him

And after a few loud thuds and a moaning sound, he got down here rubbing the top of his head.
I gave him the 'What happened to you' look.

"We need to get those stairs fixed. I could've broke my neck" He stated looking over at Ashley
"OK listen I dont know whats going on here.p, but you NEED to let me go" the girl said
"Who's she?" asked Austin
"Her name is Tory and she is all yours for now boys" Ashley said with a wicked smile and went back up stairs.
"Well we better go up too" Austin said clearly feeling uncomfortable.
"Alright ill be right up" I told him as he shrugged and went up.
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