Long Lost Sibling

Amber Marie Tompson is an ordinary 21 year old girl...
Normal parents, Normal friends, Normal life
But one day Amber found a letter adressed to her from 13 years ago

What will happen after she finds out who she REALLY is??
What will happen when that one letter changes everything??

~~~~read to find out~~~~
(Copyright 2012 Ms.Nialler)


3. Gut Feelings & The Girl From My Dream

~~Louis Tomlinson POV~~

Right now I was sitting in my hotel room, on the couch, starring at the wall.
Thinking about....well any and everything.

"Lou, are you OK" Harry asked interrupting my thoughts
"Yea just....thinking"
"About what mate?" He was now sitting beside me

I turned to look at him
"Well for the past couple months...."
He placed a hand on my shoulder
"Whats been going on Lou?" He asked now getting worried
".....Ive been having these dreams, of this girl-"
"What about Eleanor ??"

I laughed "No not like that Haz."
He nodded "Then what?"
"Well this girl....she looks, i dont know...like someone I know"
"Well just think about it, then tell me when you figured it out"

He looked at his phone then told me he had to go with Zayn somewhere.
After that he said goodbye and left.

But all I could think about was that girl.
She remind me of....well myself
But at the same time she was a stranger
A stranger that I have a gut feeling Ive known all my life

Standing up and leaving the hotel room, I decided I needed to clear my head.
Walking down the hall, I came up to a door that said "ROOF" on the front of it.
I opened the door, went up three flights of stairs and was met by the fresh smell of wild flowers.
The slight breeze making the scene feel just right.
I walked over to the little bench that was placed just in the middle of everything.
Starring at the clear blue sky, reminded me of the one from my dream.
But there was one thing missing.

~~the girl from my dream~~

(Wow didnt see that coming right. Changing up on the POV'S!! Woot Woot. Anyway YES Lou had the same dream too, but continue reading maybe someone else might get a POV)
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