Over Again

Makenzie and Savanah go on a trip to visit her grandmother for a while, but while in the airport they run into 5 boys, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. The boys know them, however the girls have no clue who they are.
It turns out Kenz and Van got into a car accident that wiped out their memories. But how do the boys know them? And why are they so kind to them?


24. She can feel.



What am I thinking? I will never be able to get back what I had with Kenzie. Harry’s always all over her. She’s not ever going to have the slightest chance of remembering anything about me. She didn’t remember it before, and now she’s completely forgotten everyone. There was absolutely no way.

“Hello, earth to Liam!” Savanah snapped in my face.


“We asked you a question… youre so out of it mate!”

“Yeah, I suppose I’m just worried… I’m going for a walk.” I got up from the table of friends and strolled to the door. I could feel their worried gazes on me as I walked out.

MORMOR’S POV (this is in swedish, go to google translate)

Herregud jag var så orolig över min lilla flicka. Jag vill att hon ska vakna så fort hon kunde. Jag visste att hon hade massor av kamp kvar i henne. Shes rädd. Jag kan känna det utstrålar från henne. Jag ber till Gud att hon minns honom. Han älskar henne så, och även om hon mindes efter en stund har hon inte insett sin djupa beundran för henne.

Allt jag vill är barnbarn. Är det för mycket begärt?! Snart. Och en dag.


I can feel the air from their mouth’s tickling my ear. I can feel the teardrops hit my body. I can feel their hands squeezing mine. I can’t comfort them. I can hear them. I can’t make sense of the words. I want to wake up and tell them it’s all right. But I like this solitude. It’s relaxing.

There’s one voice I always hear. One hand always cupping mine. The same tears falling onto my arms. The never-changing position of him. His deep raspy voice fills my ears and it sounds angelic. I want to comfort him the most.  I look forward to the kiss I receive from him every couple of minutes. Whether it’s on my cheek or on my lips, it’s always sweet and followed by a tear drop, falling onto my face, and gently wiped away by his large thumb.

Who is he?

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