Over Again

Makenzie and Savanah go on a trip to visit her grandmother for a while, but while in the airport they run into 5 boys, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. The boys know them, however the girls have no clue who they are.
It turns out Kenz and Van got into a car accident that wiped out their memories. But how do the boys know them? And why are they so kind to them?


34. Reunited


I walked into Makenzie’s room, not knowing what to expect… I hadn’t looked at her since I brought Harry, some pizza. The boy had smelled awful. I hope he showered since then.

As I walked in there was harry on his knees and Liam was standing next to Kenzie.

“Getting a head start on her mate?” I laughed.

Harry looked up and there were tears streaming down his face. My eyes widened and I looked over at Liam, holding Kenz’s hand, and then I looked to Kenz. She was perfectly fine… awake and alert.

“I’m not too sure what’s going on here.” I stood, waiting for a response from one of them.

“Aside from your sexual comment to the incorrect boy, It’s very nice to meet you…” Kenz paused, waiting for me to fill in the blank with my name.

“Louis… Incorrect boy?” I was confused. “I think you’re a bit confused love.”

“No, I’m not. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying that. This is my love, thank you very much.” She said, gesturing to Liam.

“Oh shit.”


“Oh shit.” I heard Louis mumble in the room.

I ran in and saw Kenz, Liam, holding hands and Harry on his knees. I laughed, “What’s goin on?” I asked, out of breath from running.

Louis looked at me with huge bug eyes.

“Something’s wrong with your face mate.” I joked to Lou.

I looked over at Liam, who looked like he just witnessed his mother getting hit by a car.

“What’s going on?” I asked confused. I looked down at Harry for some explanation, and he was crying.

“Okay what the hell happened?”

“Min lilla flicka!” Mor mor yelled as she ran up to Kenz.

Kenz dropped Liam’s hand and opened up her arms to mor mor.

“Mor Mor! Min alskar alskar mor mor! Ja alskar dej, Hor mor du?” Kenzie sobbed Swedish into mor mor’s arms.

“What the hell was that alien jabber?” Louis mumbled.

Harry looked up, “It means my lovely, lovely grandmother, I love you, how are you.” He whispered.

We all looked at Harry, with pity, remembering that he’s lost Kenzie.


“How did you know that?” I asked Harry.

“Because I spent 4 years with you and Mor Mor. I picked up quite a bit.”

“What the hell? How? Why? No you didn’t you liar.”

“I’m telling you Kenz, we were together for four years. We were engaged, I was the one who stayed by your side this whole time.” He explained once more.

Mor Mor looked at me with confusion in her eyes.

“You do not believe Harry is your fiancé?” She asked me in her thick accent, god how I missed that accent.

“He has you convinced too?! What the hell?!”

“Stop yelling lilla flicka.”

“Sorry Mor Mor.”

“Why don’t you believe him?”

“I’m not comfortable talking about this with all these people-” I was cut off by a blonde boy and Savanah running into the room.

“VAN! VANA!” I shouted and flung out my arms and she jumped onto my bed. And burst into tears.

“Kenz, damn you. Stop your, getting injured crap.”

I laughed and hugged her tightly.

“I missed you too.”

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