Over Again

Makenzie and Savanah go on a trip to visit her grandmother for a while, but while in the airport they run into 5 boys, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. The boys know them, however the girls have no clue who they are.
It turns out Kenz and Van got into a car accident that wiped out their memories. But how do the boys know them? And why are they so kind to them?


44. Nudge

Harry burst through the door. 
"Where is he?"
I was on the floor in a ball. I pointed to the restroom with a shaky hand and continued to cry. I quieted myself so that I could hear harry.  
He ran to the  bathroom and I heard his feet stop. He shuffled forward a bit, and I heard a thud. I looked over and he had collapsed to his knees. He began to push Louis chest, nudging it, as if he was trying to get him to wake up. "Lou. Lou this isn't funny. This is a lame joke." More nudging. "Louis." His voice was getting louder. "Lou!" Panic set in.  He began to shake him. "LOUIS! LOU! LOU!" He was shrieking. 
Tears stopped his yells and his body went limp. Sobs wracked through him as he layed on Louis' chest. "Louis." He whispered, "you're so cold." 
The medics came in and patted him on the back. "Sir, you're going to have to leave."
He sniffled and grabbed Louis' hand. "I love you. Don't you ever forget that."
He laid his hands on his Chest and slowly stood up. He walked out of the bathroom compleatly silent, but when in he saw me he lost it once more. He collapsed on the floor next to me and dropped his head in my lap and began to sob again. Loud, messy sobs. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I ran my fingers through his hair and cried with him. I pulled him up and we embraced. Our legs wrapped around each other as he buried his face into my neck, tears wetting both our skins. We heard a zip, both of us knowing it was the body bag. The medics began to walk out of the bathroom. Harry began to look up but I grabbed the back if his neck and pushed it into my chest to cover his eyes as he continued to cry. 
After the medics left and we were alone together in the house, empty. Quiet. Harry spoke in a quiet, shaky voice. "Why did you do that?" 
"I didn't want you to have to watch your best friend be taken away from you." 

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