Over Again

Makenzie and Savanah go on a trip to visit her grandmother for a while, but while in the airport they run into 5 boys, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. The boys know them, however the girls have no clue who they are.
It turns out Kenz and Van got into a car accident that wiped out their memories. But how do the boys know them? And why are they so kind to them?


4. Harry's Breakdown


Louis, Zayn, Niall, Van, and Mor Mor all filled in the kitchen as Liam and Harry talked. Suddenly Harry yelled; “God Dammit!” and we heard the solid impact of fist to face.

I ran into the dining room to go see what had happened and Liam was on the floor holding his face.

“OH MY GOD! Are you okay?!” I asked in a panicked manner.

“You know what, yeah I’m fine… just.... just go talk to him,” Liam stood up and cried, “ MOR MORRRRR!” as he walked into the other room.

I sighed and walked to Harry’s room. I knocked three times. Harry's muffled response was; “Go. Away.”

I paused for a few seconds, then responded; “Harry… it’s me…”

I waited for some sort of reaction. Then I heard him push off his covers, shuffle to the door and unlock it. I walked in and sat at the end of his bed, running my fingers over his back, I remembered he loved that.

“Harry, you really need to relax…”

“I can’t Makenzie. When you got in that accident, I was in more of a coma than you were. Every day I considered driving into the pathway of an oncoming truck. I considered overdosing so I wouldn’t have to wake up and face the fact that you’re not okay. The ONLY thing that kept me going was that you might wake up, and that I might be able to make you remember. But you don’t. You don’t remember and it kills me. I’m dying Makenzie.” Harry sobbed. He shoved his face into his hands and shook.

I started to stroke his back, slowly running my fingers up and down his spine, trying to relax him. In the process I began to cry. Harry looked up at me.

“Don’t do that,” he whispered. He wiped away my tears and kissed my eyelids. I looked into his eyes and we kissed. And I had a flashback.


I felt the spark. The intensity of it all is exploding from my lips to his. I lost my breath. Every emotion I have ever felt for him is all in this kiss. Fireworks instantly go off. Everything from that moment floods back.

I gasped and whispered, “I remember our first kiss.”

Harry’s face erupted with joy. He was grinning from ear to ear, and his dimples looked as if they were going to implode.

“You do?” he asked in breathless disbelief.

“Yeah!” Now I was smiling like an idiot.

“Oh my god!” He exclaimed, “We’ve got to go tell Mor Mor! MOR MOR!”

Harry sprinted out of the room and I stayed sitting on the bed, my legs tucked under myself, just laughing at his goofiness.

I fell asleep in his bed and only woke up once around 2 am, when he crawled in beside me and wrapped his arms around me. A protective barrier, and a dream on earth.


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