Over Again

Makenzie and Savanah go on a trip to visit her grandmother for a while, but while in the airport they run into 5 boys, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. The boys know them, however the girls have no clue who they are.
It turns out Kenz and Van got into a car accident that wiped out their memories. But how do the boys know them? And why are they so kind to them?


16. Games



I headed downstairs to play video games with Lou and Liam. I could hear their shouts from the top of the stairs.  I snuck up behind them and leapt over the couch screaming and landed on their laps. Louis shrieked and Liam gasped and punched me in the groin.

“MATE! Ow! I’m going to need that for later!” I scolded Liam.

“YOU SCARED ME YOU ASS.” Liam shouted.


“Douche-dick.” Liam muttered.

We had a name calling war as we played video games, violently competing. I was winning until I saw Makenzie appear in the doorway. She was in a deep purple, flowy, low cut, dress. It made her green eyes nearly explode with color.

I stopped playing as Liam and Louis competed to win. She smiled at me and walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek. I nearly purred.

Louis won and tossed his game controller in the air. “BOOM BITCHES. LOUIS IS THE VICTOR ONCE AGAIN. SUCK ON THESE-” He stopped when he saw makenzie. “Well hey kenz.”

“Why so dressed up?” Liam asked.

“Well this bird-chested man and I are going out.”

“Well he looks like shit compared to you.” Lou smiled.

“Dick,” I laughed and got up, “I’m going to change.”

“Have fun you crazy kids!” Liam shouted as I pulled kenz to my room by her skirt.

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