Trying To Keep It Together (Niall Horan fan fiction)

This story is about Niall Horan finding true love from one kiss a fan gave him and he tries to find her . When he does he asks her out and takes her out in to a romantic dinner and they got along so well. they found out they had so much in common and asks her to be his girlfriend. but some crazy fans don't like that and try to tare them apart. I hope you guys like it.


4. The move.


I drove Kizzy back home. I walked her to the door 
He sticked his hand out so that I could get out. "Are you ready?" he asked my squeezing my hand softly. "Yes!!" he took of the blind fold and just to reveal an amazing flower garden and in the center there were a table.
"Do you like it?"
"Yes I love it thank you"
"I was really happy when you said yes" he said making his way to the table.
"Really and why is that?" I asked following him to the table.
"Because I think your pretty" he said blushing.
When dinner was over he took me back home. He walked me to my door.
"Thanks again for the amazing dinner" she said. I sarted
"You're welcome"


Lilly look amazing. She was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could hold her and never let go. When she smiled she showed her perfect teeth. Her eyes were as beautiful as an ocean. We starred at each other for almost five minutes but we stopped when Niall shouted "Can we go I'm getting hungry!!" That made most of all of us laugh. That made him mad so he started to push us out the door and into the car. "Where are we going!" I asked Niall while he sat in the drivers seat next to Kizzy making me sit really close to Lilly in the backseat. "We'll where do you think?" He asked. "Well is it Nando's?" I asked but he didn't answer. When we got their we got a table for four. I sat in-between Niall and Lilly. Kizzy sat next to Niall. I was talking to Lilly when I looked a Niall, he whispered something in Kizzy's ear then she started to blush


"You look beautiful today" Niall whispered in my ear. I just started to blush. The waitress came and I didn't know what to get so I let Niall order for me. He got Craic for the both of us I didn't really pay attention to what Harry and Lilly got. When we finished Niall and Harry payed because they didn't let me and Lilly pay. Niall drove us to the park. "We'll go our own way and meet you to in an hour!" Harry said pulling Lilly his direction. We walked around until a crowed of fans came to he autographs from Niall. A girl started looking at me Funny but I just ignored her. When the finished Niall asked "Do you play any instruments?" I looked up at him and answered "No but I have a guitar that I never learned how to play!" He looked at me. "We'll if you want I can't teach you before I leave!" He smiled at me. "Ok!" I answered quickly he laugh at me. I really liked his laugh.

After half an hour we passed a pond and I ran towards it. "Niall look at the cute baby ducks!!" I shouted pointing at the baby ducks. Niall juts looked at me as I tried to get a baby duck. I almost fell in the pond but Niall caught me before I did. When Niall came closer to the pond a baby duck came towards him. My jaw dropped. How could the ducks come towards him but swam away from me. Niall picked up the duck and kissed it and gave it to me. I kissed it to and placed it back in the water. Niall and I saw it swim away then turned around and realised that an hour passed. We walked back to the car and Niall was driving us back to my moms place. "So Kizzy you live with your mom?" Niall asked. "Umm yeah for now." I answered. "What do you mean for now?" Harry asked me confused. "We'll Kizzy and I bought an apartment together! I'm already living their but Kizzy needs to finish packing her stuff." Lilly answered as Harry put his are around her. "Niall can help you Kizzy!" Harry shouted winking at Niall. "It's ok I don't wanna bother him as much!" Niall stopped "Well I want to help and we're here" I looked out the window "So ill help out now if its ok to help at this time?" He asked sounding kinda nerves. I nodded my head. I leaded him into my room and started putting all my clothes

Niall shouted "Its to quite!" And then turned on the radio. The song "Boyfriend" from Justin Bieber came on and Niall and I sang along and stop packing and started to dance like idiots. It was fun.


When the song ended laughter took over us. I tripped over a box and fell on top of Kizzy. We stopped laughing and starred into each other eyes for the moment my head was clear. I leaned a little bit and Kizzy wrapped her arms around me so I went in for a kiss.

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