Trying To Keep It Together (Niall Horan fan fiction)

This story is about Niall Horan finding true love from one kiss a fan gave him and he tries to find her . When he does he asks her out and takes her out in to a romantic dinner and they got along so well. they found out they had so much in common and asks her to be his girlfriend. but some crazy fans don't like that and try to tare them apart. I hope you guys like it.


3. The day of the date


I woke up at 8:34 am and went down stairs for some breakfast my mom made pancakes with bacon and oatmeal. I thought it was really good. When I finished it was about 9:00. So I decided to check my phone I had 1 message and it was from Lilly

From: Lilly

Hey I’m gonna pick you up at 10:00

To: Lilly

Ok ill be waiting

I went into the shower. When I was done I brushed my teeth and dried my hair. When I finished drying my hair I started to straightened my hair when I finished it was 9:55. I had 5 minutes to do my makeup. I went down stairs and opened the door Lilly was in her car waiting. I ran and got in.

“Are you ready?” she asked squeaking.

“Yeah let’s go to the mall’ I replied with a big smile. When we arrived we went in all of the shops until we found this beautiful dress it was black and well I’m not so good a describing things. 

--- Later that day

We finally arrived at my house and Lilly she agreed to stay and do my hair. So I took a quick shower and when I got out I dried my hair and got into my dress. Lilly curled my hair. When she was done I had 5 minutes to do my makeup. It looked natural when I finished Niall was at the door already. So I went down stairs to say hello. When I opened the door Niall was just staring at me with his mouth open.

“Hey Niall”

“Hey Kizzy”

“So where are we going?”

“Just wait and you’ll find out!” I started to walk out but then Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me inside

“Wait!” he said laughing”You forgot your shoes!”

I could feel the blood pumping in my checks “Oh I’ll be right back” I replied looking down at my feet. I ran up stairs and put on my new heels. Lilly was leaving to because she needed to get home. When I got in the car Niall made me put on a blindfold so I wouldn’t see. We have been driving for almost 30 minutes.

“Okay we’re here” Niall said “Don’t take of your blind fold yet.” He got down the car and opened my door. He sticked his hand out so that I could get out. “Are you ready?” he asked my squeezing my hand softly. “Yes!!” he took of the blind fold and just to reveal an amazing flower garden and in the center there were a table.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes I love it thank you”

“I was really happy when you said yes” he said making his way to the table.

“Really and why is that?” I asked following him to the table.

“Because I think your pretty” he said blushing.


When dinner was over he took me back home. He walked me to my door.

“Thanks again for the amazing dinner” I said.

“You’re welcome” he slowly got closer and kissed me gently on the lips.

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