Trying To Keep It Together (Niall Horan fan fiction)

This story is about Niall Horan finding true love from one kiss a fan gave him and he tries to find her . When he does he asks her out and takes her out in to a romantic dinner and they got along so well. they found out they had so much in common and asks her to be his girlfriend. but some crazy fans don't like that and try to tare them apart. I hope you guys like it.


6. Roller coasters


I started to fall asleep. “We’re here!” Niall shouted and I jumped. He saw me “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He stretched out his arms and hugged me. I looked out the window and saw that we were at a carnival. “Yay I haven’t been to a carnival since I was 8 years old!” Niall looked at me “Really why?” he asked. “Well it’s kind of a long and sad story.” I said looking down at my fingers. “Oh well lets go have fun!” Niall said jumping out the door and ran to open my door and give me a hand so I could get out. I swear he’s such a gentlemen. “What ride do you want to go onto first?” Niall said getting a bit closer. “I don’t mind!” I said. We walked around for a bit then I saw this really amazing but scary roller coaster  “I wanna go to that one!!!” I scrammed as I pointed at the roller coaster  “But-” he started to say before I cut him off. “Are you scared of the roller coaster ” I said looking at him “NOO I’m not scared of anything!!” Niall looked serious but I wanted to play around with him. “Prove it” he began to look annoyed.“I will!” he said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the roller coaster  “Two tickets please.” The man said. Niall pulled out two tickets and gave it to the man. The first 2 seats left were up in front. He sat down and looked up at me. “Are you getting scared?” he said looking at me. “Noo!!” I said as I sat down next to him. “Well if you do you can cuddle up with me if you want?” Niall whispered in my ear. I looked at him and he had a really big smile on his face. The roller coaster started. We had to wait a while until it reached the top. When it went back down it was to fast Niall grabbed my hand and I just cuddled up into his shoulder he smelled good at this point it felt like it was only me and Niall and I love it. The roller coaster ended faster than I expected. We got down and 5 girls came up to Niall screaming for autographs. They each took their own picture with Niall and one of the girls came up to me. “Are you Kizzy?” she asked. “Yes she is!” Niall said as he came closer to me. “Oh My God I love you can I have your autograph?” the little girl asked holding out the notebook and pen that she gave Niall earlier “Sure sweetie!” I didn’t know why she wanted my autograph or how she knew my name. When I finished she left skipping. She was so adorable.  We spent an hour in the carnival and Niall got some hot dogs and a soda to share. We did many fun stuff. I fell once and Niall picked me up. Around the end of the day Niall had won me a big stuffed bear. It was cute. It was like 10:52 and we decided to leave because we went in every ride. When we went to the car he opened my door like a proper gentleman. I could tell that he had a good day because he had a big smile I saw his braces. When he got in the car he looked at me then quickly looked away. I looked in the mirror and my hair was messed up. I took out a hair tie from back pocket and put my hair up. “You still look beautiful!” Niall said taking my hand. When we got to Lilly’s and my house, Niall came down and walked me to the door. “Thanks for the amazing day.” I said as I turned to open the door. “Wait!” he said grabbing my arm and pulling me in closer. “Umm I hope you don’t think this is too soon” he looked really nervous what was he gonna say “Ok here it goes do you want to be my girlfriend?” I looked up at him and he was looking at the ground. He was shy. “Niall” I grabbed his hand I can’t believe what he just asked me out. “Yes I would love to be your girlfriend!” Niall picked me up and spun me. I giggled “Well I’m gonna see you tomorrow.” Niall said before pressing his lips agents mine. I smiled as he kissed me. When we let go my face was completely red. I opened the door and Lilly almost fell out because she was looking out the peephole. “LILLY” i looked at niall. “Oh my god you guys are dating AHH!” she pulled Niall inside. “Lilly he has to get to the hotel before the other boys start to worry.” I said because I knew she would be embarrassing. “I’ll text Harry and tell him that his gonna stay the night and Harry will tell the other boys.” I didn’t want to be there when she was so I decided to take a shower. I was so happy that I am Niall’s new girlfriend. It took me a while to finish. I kind of forgot Niall was still here. I walked in my room in nothing but a towel. “Hey babe I’m in here but I’ll get out so you can change!” I turned to Niall that was lying on my bed. When he got out I changed into a white shorts and black T-shirt. I opened the door so Niall could come in and lay down if he wanted to. We both laid on my bed just talking. I rested my head on Niall’s chest and fell asleep to his heartbeat.

When I woke up Niall was still sleeping. I tried getting out but Niall had his hands tight around my waist. Whenever I move his grip got stronger and stronger. “Babe just stays still please!” Niall said but his eyes were still closed and he had a big smile on his face.

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