Trying To Keep It Together (Niall Horan fan fiction)

This story is about Niall Horan finding true love from one kiss a fan gave him and he tries to find her . When he does he asks her out and takes her out in to a romantic dinner and they got along so well. they found out they had so much in common and asks her to be his girlfriend. but some crazy fans don't like that and try to tare them apart. I hope you guys like it.


5. Meeting my parents



I wrapped my arms around Niall and he kissed me softly on the lips. It gave me butterflies in my stomach. Then when we got up he apologized about it. I don’t know why he keeps apologizing. When we finished packing Niall shouted “Finally!” I laughed at him because it was funny. When I was going down stairs I saw that Harry and Lilly kissed. "Dose that answer your question?" Lilly told Harry with an exited voice. When they saw me the stopped kissing and sat on the sofa. “Did you see anything?” Harry asked running his fingers thought his hair. “Not if you didn’t want me to?” I replied laughing. Harry got the box I was carrying to put it in the car “Thanks Harry!” I ran to Lilly. “Omg you kissed Harry Styles!” I cheerily said jumping up and down. “Correction I kissed my new boyfriend Harry Styles!” she corrected me. But I was shocked he just met her and their already dating. Wow that’s so cute. Niall came up to me. “We finished putting all the boxes in the car. Are you ready to go to your new home?” he said resting his arm on my shoulders. “Yeah I just need to say goodbye to my parents” I started to walk up stairs and suddenly felt a strong person pull me back down. I turned around it was Niall. “Can I meet them?” he asked looking into my eyes. “What? Why would you want to meet them?” I asked knowing my parents would embarrass me in front of my celebrity crush. “Because I want to get to know them.” He gave me puppy dog eyes I just couldn’t say no so I led him to my parent’s room and asked him to wait for a bit. I knocked on the door. “Come in honey” I heard my mom crying. I opened the door “Don’t cry mom I’m still here just not in the house and I promise ill come to visit every day!”


“Don’t cry mom I’m still here just not in the house and I promise ill come to visit every day!” I heard Kizzy tell her mom. “OK” I heard a sweet voice of her mother answer. “Well I have someone who wants to meet you!” Kizzy said when she came out the door and pulled me in. “Hello I’m Nia-” I began but got cut off by her mother “wait isn’t that the guy that was in those posters you had all over you room of that one band it think it’s called One Direction!” her mom said making Kizzy turn red. “Wait posters I didn’t see any posters.” I said as I turned to Kizzy. “That’s because we packed them in boxes a while ago. She is madly in love with one of the boys.” Her mom said winking at me. “Well time to go! Bye mom!” Kizzy said almost pushing me out the door. “BYE nice to meet you!” When we were down the stairs I stooped. After a few seconds Kizzy noticed that I stopped. “What’s wrong?” she asked walking closer to me. “Who’s the band member your madly in love with?” I looked directly into her eyes. “Oh god you heard that?” she keep looking away I grabbed her chin and made her look in to my eyes. “Please tell me!” I begged. “It’s…UM… Zayn!” she said but it didn’t look like she was sure about it. “Are you sure?” I asked hopefully she’ll give me the right answer. “No I’m just joking it’s you Niall!” I huge smile crept up on my face. “Really?” I asked. “Yeah it is!” I can’t believe she liked me. “Well I like you to.” I told her as I felt my blood rushing up to my cheeks. She was blushing and looked at the ground. We walked out to the car. I opened the door for Kizzy so she could get in. I sat in back with Kizzy and put my arm around her she looked at me then looked back. I looked at Harry and Lilly they were holding hands. I wonder if Harry already asked her out like he said he would. When we stopped I looked out the window and saw some houses. “Is it this one?” Harry asked Lilly pointing to the house that we were parked in front of. “Yeah it is.” Lilly said getting out and closing the door behind her. We each brought down a box. We went in and the house was pink and purple. A little girly if you asked me. I would have painted it blue and green. I brought the box up to Kizzy’s room. I placed it on the bed and got Kizzy’s box it seemed pretty light. She tried to stop me but I opened it before she could. It was full of posters of me and the boys. I looked at Kizzy and her face was dark red. I picked up one of the posters of me “Who’s that sexy beast?” it made her laugh. I know I have strange feeling for her but I was to scared to admit it. I am gonna asker on a date with just me and her and if it goes right I will ask her to be mine and only mine. I don’t like to share!! 


“Who’s that sexy beast?” Niall said that made me laugh. He stayed quiet for about a minute until Harry and Lilly came in. “Are you ready to go before Liam starts to worry?” Harry asked Niall. He shocked his head in approval. Lilly and Harry left giving me and Niall a bit of time alone. He started to walk closer to me. “Bye ill text you I promise!” Niall said before kissing me on the check. I began to blush a bit. “I’ll miss you” he said as he closed the door. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a text!

From: Niall

He I’m gonna take you out tonight wear something casual

To: Niall

Ok where are we going and what time

I put my phone back into my pocket and head to the living room with Lilly. She was watching “Toy Story” I love this movie. My phone started to vibrate again. “Niall is already texting you?” Lilly asked “Yeah were going on a date tonight!” I squeaked. I looked at my phone.

From: Niall

I cant say and in 2 hours be ready ;)

To: Niall

Ok :D

“Well I’m gonna go get ready cause I have 2 hours!” I told Lilly. I went to my room and took out some cute but casual clothes out. I hoped in the shower. When I finished I dried my hair and straighten it. I put on some black shorts and a white shirt when I finished getting ready I still had 10 minutes to spare so I put on some make up and some flip-flops. I heard a knock on my door I knew it wasn’t Lilly because she would have came right in. “Come in!” it was Niall. “You look beautiful!” he said “Are you ready to go?” “Yeah” we went out and into his car. The drive took a while.

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