Trying To Keep It Together (Niall Horan fan fiction)

This story is about Niall Horan finding true love from one kiss a fan gave him and he tries to find her . When he does he asks her out and takes her out in to a romantic dinner and they got along so well. they found out they had so much in common and asks her to be his girlfriend. but some crazy fans don't like that and try to tare them apart. I hope you guys like it.


2. Could it be real?


It felt like we we're driving for hours but it was just 30 minutes. We got there and we had front row seats.  When the concert started Lilly and I we're dancing around with each other. When they sang "Gotta Be You" Harry kept looking at Lilly. In the middle of the song Harry came down and grabbed Lilly's hand and kissed it. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to freak out but she wanted to keep her cool. i just couldn't help but laugh. I kept looking at Niall he looked so cute. When the concert was over and Paul took Lilly and I backstage to meet the boys. When we were backstage the boys came out. When Harry went up to Lilly and stared the her for a while and then he Finlay came up to her and said

"Hello beautiful!!" Lilly stayed calm and told him "Hello Harry I'm a really big fan of One Direction." I could tell that she was screaming inside.

Niall came up to me and said "Hey my name is Niall!"

"Hey my name is Kizzy." I was happy Niall came up to me.

"Happy Birthday!"

I was thinking in my head how dose Niall know that it was my birthday. "How did you know that it was my birthday?"

"Well 3 days ago your mum called our manager and said if she could have 2 tickets because it was your birthday and we gave you the backstage passes as a bonus from us"

"Oh well l thank you for the best present ever!!!"

"You’re welcome!!!!"  We spent hours talking to the boys about random stuff.

"Hey Lilly what time is it?"

"Its 12:00. Why?"

"Because it’s getting pretty late and my mum might get worried"

"OK well let’s go."

"NO WAIT!!!!!" Niall said pulling me in his direction "Can I at least have your number"

"Sure." I decided to give him my number. Harry asked Lilly for her number too. I think that Harry and Lilly looked cute together. On our way back home we talked about the boys. 

"I think harry is cuter in person! What do you think Kizzy?"

"Yeah but did you see the way Niall looked at me"

"Yeah I think he likes you"

"I hope!" my phone started to ring and it was an unknown number. I decided to answer it.


"Hey it’s me Niall"

"OH Hey what’s up"

"I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out tomorrow night at 10"


"Ok ill pick you up tomorrow bring something nice like today"

"OK well talk to you later BYE"

"BYE" When I hung up I started to scream as loud as I can. I think I might have scared Lilly.

"What Happened?"

"Niall just asked me out on a date"

"No way when is it?"

"Tomorrow night at 10 and he told me to bring something nice"

"He must be taking you somewhere special"

"Yeah well here is my stop bye see you tomorrow"

"OK bye Kizzy and tomorrow were going shopping for something nice for your date”

I ran in to my house and told my mom everything that happened today. She said that she was happy for me. I ran to my room and jumped on my bed. I checked my phone and I had one message

From: Niall<3

Hey Kizzy it was nice to meet you and Im exited for our date ;) Goodnight

I can’t believe he was excited 

To: Niall<3

It was nice meeting you too and I’m exited for our date too Goodnight

I went to my bathroom and took a quick shower when I got out I changed and went to I went to bed.

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