Too Close To Love (One Direction Fanfiction)

They were too close to love, two bolds,two definites, pressed against eachother in a life that could never be theirs. Niall and Lily, against the world?

"Forever" I hissed, finally sauntering out of his grasp, back pressed boldly against the window. I stood frozen, refusing to move on. The fragment of our future refusing to move from it's etched image in my brain. Tattooed on my heart.

"Nothing lasts forever, it always dies". An unwilling voice recited in my head, prompting me finalising his words out loud, piercing the chill breeze.

"But our forever was never even born". My lips curved downwards, no emotions hitting my body. So this is what the end feels like. The end of everything you've ever loved. His own lips mirrored mine, as he reached out to press his hand to my cheek. The endless curved, smooth ridges in his palm caressed my cheek, my own dainty olive skin contrasting sharply with his. Opposites Attract? Never, opposites define. Niall and Lily, against each other..


2. 2.Caught On Tv

Gasping slowly, my pink coated lips formed a perfect 'o' as my tv screen lit up, glaring like mad. I'd been so wrapped up in my studies, that I'd kind of abandoned my love and dedication to the x-factor show. Once they'd denied my Niall the chance at his dreams, I'd felt angry and decided to stop watching the show out of anger. My thoughts trailed off as I realised how I'd just spoke about Niall... The sweet, silly, gentle, caring, loveable that I'd grown to love after meeting him in Ireland and spending the holidays with him. I'd been warned that it wasn't healthy to form such a close bond with a summer friend, but we had a connection instantly. After I'd left Ireland, we had a few days break to gather our thoughts, before constantly messaging each other via texts, twitter, bbm... We had spent far too much time together to drop conversation. We were both the same, me and him. Fresh into GCSE studies, a large family, both the quiet, funny one... We balanced each other out. In true best friend style, I would text him complaining about the girls at my school, and he would reply with caring advice, joking about how protective he was, and vice versa. But as weeks turned into months, an months turned into deadlines, I got so wrapped up in life at home that he turned into a summer friend, another contact on my phone. He had also been busy, (Facebook has it's uses). I knew he'd been through bootcamp on X Factor, but neither made the attempt to contact each other, apart from me sending my well wishes and twitter hugs as I found out he hadn't got through. He'd replied with a thank you, which turned into small talk which eventually became unbearable... so I assumed he lost interest. And eventually, even though my heart ached, I did too.

Flashing back to reality, my little sister hummed the theme tune to X-Factor, my mum cautiously looking over at me, waiting for me to kick up a fuss about how this show was a fix. I was too fixated to care. There in front of me, was my boy. His blue eyes squinting as he laughed in the VT, joining in as the other boys laughed with him. My eyes were solely for Niall, but I noticed how the tanned one, with the beautiful eyes took a shine to Niall as he ruffled his hair, and the curly haired one pranced about, trying to steal Niall's silliness. The oldest, (clearly by the height, not may I say by maturity) would steal the cameras attention as he grabbed the other boys in for a hug, while the most sensible would laugh gently, his face beaming. They were beautiful. Especially my little leprechaun...

"Isnt that....." my mum murmured, shock clear on her face, as the X-Factor voice boomed in, signalling the end of the tape.

"Niall Horan" My stomach erupted into a thousand butterflies as his name blared out of my television, x factor suddenly appearing back on my good list.

"Zayn Malik" the blond angel disappeared to be replaced by a gorgeous boy with black floppy hair and big Hazel eyes. His smile was captivating.

"Liam Payne" the sensible one appeared, only to start laughing more, and my face warmed, embarrassed at how quickly I could tell these boys apart.

"Louis Tomlinson" a small squeal escaped my lips as I tried to contain my laughter. My mum had gone back to filing, my sister suddenly finding her phish food ice cream fascinating.

"Harry Styles" I frowned slowly as I heard a few more screams for his name than the others. He had a mass of curls and a big grin, nothing on Nialls laugh in the background.

"One Direction" The crowd went crazy, the screen flipping to the audience all waving banners with various names plastered across them. The five boys appeared in suits on the stage, all looking out of place, like hyper school children. The camera flashed to Nialls eyes and I had to refrain myself from jumping up and down. He chuckled happily, having the time of his life. I grinned back, my hand flying down to my phone in my pocket, whipping it out only to stop myself as I typed his name on my screen... Remember why you stopped, Lily. Don't make a fool of yourself. As the next video played, a young girl appeared, looking bold and confident. If ever there was an awkward silence in my family, it was now. After my outburst of excitement, I sank further into the fabric sofa, burying myself in my Hollister hoodie. It didn't take me long to drift asleep, and when I did, I dreamt of the blond haired Irish boy and his charming ways, blissfully unaware that his thoughts were with me too.
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