Too Close To Love (One Direction Fanfiction)

They were too close to love, two bolds,two definites, pressed against eachother in a life that could never be theirs. Niall and Lily, against the world?

"Forever" I hissed, finally sauntering out of his grasp, back pressed boldly against the window. I stood frozen, refusing to move on. The fragment of our future refusing to move from it's etched image in my brain. Tattooed on my heart.

"Nothing lasts forever, it always dies". An unwilling voice recited in my head, prompting me finalising his words out loud, piercing the chill breeze.

"But our forever was never even born". My lips curved downwards, no emotions hitting my body. So this is what the end feels like. The end of everything you've ever loved. His own lips mirrored mine, as he reached out to press his hand to my cheek. The endless curved, smooth ridges in his palm caressed my cheek, my own dainty olive skin contrasting sharply with his. Opposites Attract? Never, opposites define. Niall and Lily, against each other..


1. 1.Close To You

Fluttering hyper-actively in my chest, my heart was a butterfly, wildly beating for the five beautiful boys that gazed in awe. It was as if no one else was there, by the glow on my face and my short breaths, my heart may as well have been raving along to 'What Makes You Beautiful'...

Baby you light up my world like nobody else..
His cheeky grin and his Irish charm dazzled me,his eyes sparkled..
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed..
A flash of curls bounced around as his voice wavered, dimples growing
But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell..
His gorgeous hazel eyes danced as he pranced around biting his lip..
You don't know..
His sensible face grew warmly, and his trainers squeaked as he flew around to chase the boys
Oh Oh..
He chuckled, eyes smiling with his silly dance moves
You don't know you're beautiful,
Their perfect lips made an 'O' shape as their cheeks warmed. Their never ending smiles were solely for me, as their eyes twinkled, their baby faces had changed for the better.

Whispering softly, the wind whirred around me, causing my golden brown waves to tumble wildly around my face. A small giggle escaped my pink lips as I pranced along the lake. The soft folds of green grass enveloped me as I breathed in the strong smell of tulips and buttercups. Ireland was beautiful. As a child, I'd always been fixated with Ireland, with my big green eyes, and my sunny personality, I'd felt that I belonged. I ran my hand along the array of blooming green clovers and sighed contently. This was what I wanted, was it not? I couldn't help but feel that something was missing in my life, and now that my journey had started... I was on a mission to find whatever or whoever it was, and capture it in my heart forever.

"Lily!" "Lily over here.." "Darlin' you forgot something.."
My heart flopped as I saw him running slowly, cheeks bright red as his blue eyes focused intently. As he reached me his gentle face broke out into a smile which turned my heart upside down. I placed my small hand on his cheek as he grinned further, slowly taking my outstretched hand, the one carrying a red tulip.

"Come on, its just through here! Promise me you won't leave without it again..!" Slowly tugging my arm, he didn't even need an answer as his eyebrows furrowed again, trying to work out where we were. A huge crowd swarmed towards us, suddenly crowding round the studio waiting for the their idols to leave the building. He was so focused on keeping hold of me, that we ended up drifting towards the far end of the road in the midst of the mass of people that had suddenly appeared. His frantic eyes searched mine pleadingly, and he started to bite his bottom lip, worry evident on his face. My heart sank once again as I saw him upset, I couldn't bare it. I squeezed his hand gently, re-assuring him as he tried desperately to work out where he was going to take me. He'd got so excited, that the thought had obviously passed his mind. I smiled deep down in the back of my mind, knowing that it would give me another reason return back to Ireland, when he finally found out what I'd left behind.

"Sweetie,I'm not sure if you realised but I really,really have to go" a distraught look flashed across his face, my despair evident. I pulled him in for a gentle hug, his arms wrapping protectively over my shoulders. I sighed contently, inhaling his sweet floral smell, my mind whirring back to that day in the field, my first day in Ireland.

"You know, you're going to turn green if you lay in them clovers any longer." An automatic grin appeared on my face as a soft Irish accent echoed around me in the hills. I could feel my mouth widen, giggling uncontrollably as I nuzzled further into the grass, not daring to open my eyes. My giggles soon turned into a squeal as I felt a light, gentle had prod my back, and before I knew it, I was rolling giddily down the hill. My eyes flashed open, to find a small blond head, bobbing up and down, doubled over laughing. An uncontrollable laugh coming from my mouth failed to show the horror I was feeling. With a sudden burst of inspiration, I grabbed the laughing Irish boy's leg and took him down the hill with me, smirking as he squealed, his arms brushing against mind,desperately trying to stop us from flying into the lake. All I could do was laugh, after all it was his fault for pushing me! As the water collided with our smiling bodies, all we could do was cling on to each other, only pausing occasionally to splash water at each other. I'd only known this boy for a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. He appeared to be the same age as me, maybe younger, which gentle blue eyes that contrasted with my glowing green ones. He had White-blond hair, and a smile that could light up the room... I found myself laughing at everything he said. He would frown when I blushed and looked to the ground, constantly lifting my chin up to tell me not to stop smiling. It was with my few hours with Niall, my newfound friend that I realised what I was missing.

I gasped, wincing as my closest friend's voice boomed loudly in my ear. He was waving, telling me he would miss me. I couldn't help but zone out. I was the worst at goodbyes,and as I gripped onto his hand, something told me that this goodbye was different.
"So again, thanks so much for being there at my audition, you know it means the world". I nodded slowly, reaching up to place a small kiss on his cheek. I was one of the proudest girls in the world right now, my beautiful best friend had just got through the first stage of the x-factor, he'd passed his audition. I'd gone with him for moral support, and because his mother had begged me to, seeing as he didn't let her go with him. Niall loved his mother dearly, he was one of the most loving people you'd ever meet, but he couldn't bare see her crushed if he didn't get through. I however had to be his rock, his support. And I would do that, anything for my baby boy. Months had passed since that day in the field, and I'd spent my holidays getting to know him. My parents had ventured on a camping trip to Ireland, after years of waiting on my behalf. And when they returned, due to work commitments, I stayed with my aunt who lived in Mullingar, one of the best decisions I've ever made. To my disbelief, and complete amazement, the house was down the road from Niall's. And on the first week of being there, it was when we knew we had a connection, a bond.

My fresh polo, and my pink college cardigan got splattered with rain and I jogged down the road, to the nearest bakery. My lips twitched as I reached the big green door which rung softly as I pushed it open, careful not to disturb anyone. Greeting the friendly lady at the counter with a smile, I glided round the corner, my hands delicately brushing over the loaves of bread. I swiped my blackberry from my pocket, contemplating texting my aunt to ask her what type she wanted. Glancing down, to decide myself, my mouth hung open, shock evident on my small face,not daring to breath as my golden hair tumbled down to hide my face. All five loaves of bread were gone, nothing but a small array of brown crumbs. And as a small popping noise caught my attention, I turned around to find the source of the missing bread. I flung my hands in the air, exasperated as there stood Niall, the blond boy from the field. He smiled that crooked grin at me, popping a brownie in his delicate mouth. In his arms, he cradled the different sorts of bread, dodging past me as I lunged for him, giggling as he tried to stuff his half eaten brownie in his mouth. It was then that I discovered I could play the same game as Niall. Treading into unfamiliar territory, I stuck my lower lip out, pleading with Niall as my eyes grew wide. His face turned into that of a shocked expression, and before he could contemplate whether or not he would give me some bread, I swiped one from his arms, grinning smugly. I marched towards the lady at the counter, who had a knowing, gentle look on her face. Her cheeks were lined with dimples, in addition to her eyes still glowing in her old age. She swiftly placed the loaf of seeded bread in a bag, laughing to herself. I felt a wave of embarrassment as I realised she'd just seen our little fight over the bread. I thanked the lady, placing the small fee on the counter. Turning round to face Niall, I prepared to torment him and laugh at his traumatised expression. Except he was gone... Out of nowhere. I frowned slightly, my lips glued together. Realising I'd probably scared him off, I quietly kicked the ledge of the shelf, annoyed at myself for being so childish. As I did so, a small note fluttered down from the brownie shelf, where I'd been slouched. I quietly gathered it up, examining the nearly empty shelf. As I unfolded it, I noticed small round writing with an address on it, one that was only a few numbers different from that of my Aunt's. A quiet, soft voice called out from the counter.
"You can take a brownie my dear, your boy paid me double money to give you one". Whipping my head around for what seemed like the billionth time today, I realised Niall must've been paying for his buyings while I'd been staring at his note. I grinned foolishly as I played her words over in my head. Taking the brownie which the note had been perched on, I thanked the lady and scuttled out of the shop. Opening up the bag, I saw the small, bite mark in the loaf and realised that must've been the one Niall and been eating. I was grinning crazily, like a mad girl, feeling my smile stretch from my lips to my ears. As I swayed home in the gentle breeze, my mind replayed the words over and over again that the shopkeeper had said before I left. 'your boy'.

And with that, he dragged me back to the present by brandishing a freshly picked Lillie from behind his back. Something about the way he smiled a lopsided smile at me made my heart warm. This was it. We'd both prolonged the moment long enough by reliving our memories, but now it really was time I left. Before I overstayed my welcome.

"I guess this is goodbye" he croaked, his voice faltering for the first time today. I silenced him by gently placing my finger on his lip, both of us stopping breathing for what seemed like an eternity.

"It's never goodbye, goodbye means the end.. And this is only the start". I murmured, breaking the silence. Things were never awkward between us, this unsettled me.

As if on cue, he swept me up off of my feet and placed the most gentle of kisses of my lips, before ruffling my hair and grinning at me. I didn't know what to feel, I feared that either of us would do something we regret, so I gave him my most genuine smile and swayed though the crowd, not knowing whether my future was in front of me or behind me.

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