The Folded Strip of Paper

17 year old Autumn couldn't believe hear ears when her Dad told her she was going to a One Direction concert and signing for her 18th birthday. Days later when she goes to the signing with her best friend, Hailey. After meeting the boys and takes a picture, her all time biggest boy crush, Harry Styles, slips a folded sticky note into her hand, with the sweetest word written down, She can't believe this is really happening. What are the sacrifices Autumn will take to be apart of this amazing guy she knows so well, but doesn't want to tell?
**First 1D fanfic, enjoy!(:


1. Not so seventeen.

Autumn took a deep breath. It always helped. She was finally turning 18, today. Another deep breath. She smiled as the last lock of golden blonde hair was perfectly curled with her new curling iron she bought yesterday, her own treat from herself. She was almost ready, she added a bit more mascara to her naturally long eyelashes. Her very sparkly gold top when great with her skinny jeans and flats. The last deep breath she took felt great because it was her last breath while she was 17.
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