11th grader Alice Frazer failed her piano test to get in a good piano school for her future. So when she visits a piano shop for the first time, why is Harry Styles there???? p.s: Alice does not know who Alice is.
a funny story.
also did a mention her parents have died?


2. WHAT THE???

I went to the house. I felt very shy. "Hi" I say. "This is Alice and im harry" jokes Harry. How did he know my name? "Nice to meet you" A blonde guy apparantly called Niall walks up to me with a hand out. it was greasy. "uh No thank you." i laugh. everyone laughs.  we had some fun and watched liams favourite toy story. I met louis liam and zayn who were nice guys. we played truth or dare:).I had to go. "why dont you sleep here?' asked Harry. "no I really should be going" he offers me his bed. I put the pillow on the floor and start to sleep. when i wake up we have switched places. we had breakfast and at 10am it was time for me to leave. the boys begged me to stay but I said we could exhange numbers. Bye! and thank you so so much! i say.


thanks gran. I say. i hug my gran. "You have a boyfriend!" chanted Sophie. while the twins made kissy faces. this was going to be a long night!

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