11th grader Alice Frazer failed her piano test to get in a good piano school for her future. So when she visits a piano shop for the first time, why is Harry Styles there???? p.s: Alice does not know who Alice is.
a funny story.
also did a mention her parents have died?


1. What did I do wrong?

"Alice Frazer" Called the leader of the piano school Mrs. Smith. It was my turn. I was very nervous but I was a pro I was up for it.  I sat down on the chair and began to play. After I had finished there was a round of applause from the contesnts. " Your results will be send to you" Said Mrs. Smith. "Yumi Wong" she called out another person.

2 days later I got my results. It was in a big envolope like a report card. I closed my eyes..breathed slowy..and looked at it. I HAD FAILED! I was trying to hold in tears but they came streaming. All these years I wouldnt play footy with my brothers or do my hair with my sister or any fun stuff. I practisted and practisted. Everyone in the family called me the fun sponge. My parents have died. I'm the eldest. And I hate it! Sophie is in year 8. And the brothers are twins Nathan and Mike. I have wiped the fun out of everything. I never took them anywhere. I feel terrible. I was going to give up piano. I am going to go to the piano shop. Sophie is 14 she can look after the twins. I look at a piano. A really handsome man with Curly hair bumped into me. it wasnt me for once! "Oh I am so sorry!" The boy said. he looked 17 or 18. "let me buy that for you." I felt a tad shy. "Oh no no." I said. "im just visiting I gave up piano." "why dont you stay with me?" do your parents know?' he asks. My parents are dead. I say. and I have 3 siblings."oh." He looked sad. "you could hire a babysitter" "thats it my grandma!" i say. I call her. Hi grandma can you babysit the kids? go to there house. grandma agrees she loves us so much. "Done." i smile."your not a offender or anything right?" I joke. I am. he says. than laughs out loud.'you shouldve seen your face!' i was embrassed. I got in his car. This was going to be a great day.

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