Passion, Pain, Pleasure- Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall’s mum has been gone on a cruise for a long time. She is finally coming back only to find out that her son, Niall Horan, has had a long term girlfriend for the six months that she was gone. Will she warm up to Ava? Or will she just want to get her out of Niall’s life? Soon, things escalade in Niall and Ava’s relationship, and Maura starts to dislike Ava even more. Maura wants to be the only woman in Niall’s life; but will that even be possible? Or will she suceed, and will Ava leave Niall; all because of his mum.


4. ¢нαρтєя ƒσυя


Niall looked at his fiance with wide eyes. “What?” “I will tell you guys the story at dinner tonight.” Everyone left as the paintings and drawings were being taken down. Niall wrapped his arm around Ava’s waist and he smiled. “I guess it payed off love, didn’t it?” “Yeah it did.” Anna came over to Ava. “Ava?” “Yes Anna?” “I think theres something wrong…” “What do you mean?” “That woman who bought all your paintings is outside with a bottle of whiskey singing ‘Brown Eyed Girl’.” Ava sighed and went outside. “Ma’am?” “Listen. Don’t call me ma’am if you know who I am Ava. You don’t think I regret doing what I did? I wish I could have kept you but I was 16. My parents kicked me out, and your father… Ha! Your father,” she took a swig of whiskey and laughed. “I was just a booty call for him. When you were born, they didn’t even let me hold you Ava… So all I’m asking you is to let me hold you now. I don’t care that your 18. Did you know that when you got adopted, they said that the moment you turned 15 they were going to kick you out. I’m guessing they did…” Another swig. “I tried to get you back. Something inside me told me we could have made it. But it was too late.” Ava’s mother started to cry and she took another swig of whiskey. “Please… just let me hold you.” Ava collapsed into a fit of sobs into her mothers arms. “Please don’t leave me again mum.” Ava said through her sobs. “I promise baby… I promise…

-At Dinner-

“…so then my mom told me to have breakfast with her next week Sunday.” Ava said finishing her story. She looked up and rolled her eyes. “Thank you for listening Liam…” “Oh! No problem love!” He looked around nervously. “What’s wrong?” “Listen your a girl…” “Last time I checked” Ava laughed out. Niall heard her laugh and saw she was talking to Liam. He furrowed his eyesbrows and kept talking to Zayn. Liam rolled his eyes at Ava but smiled. “I need advice…” “What is it?” Ava asked as she took a drink from her Strawberry Daquiri. “I want to ask Danielle… t-to marry m-me…” Ava smiled. “Okay… so basically…” her words went to whispers and then she startd to explain in detail how Danielle said she wanted to be asked to get married. Liam smiled. “Niall’s lucky to have you Ava…” Ava blushed and looked at Niall who looked at her and winked. “Yeah…” she whispered talking to herself. “I guess I am.

-1 week later-

Ava put the heat on in her flat, turned on the heat and changed into some haigh waisted jean shorts, a white tank top (no bra:;;; I think you can see where this is going… just saying.) and Niall’s white button up shirt. She put on her knew white TOMS and went into the living room. “Love why is it so……………” Niall took a deep breath and looked at Ava up and down, a drop of sweat falling from his eyebrow. “Hot?” he breathed out. “We’re going to paint!” She said. She grabbed  a bunch of buckets of different colors of paint and poured each one into a different container. “And umm..” Niall said with difficulty, “What. Are we painting?” “Well…” Ava whispered. She wlaked over to Niall sitting on his lap. “We’re gonna throw the paint… on that white wall… Sound good?” Niall nodded and Ava bit her lip. “Then lets get started Ni.” She stood up, bent over slightly, teasing Niall. “Damn…” Niall whispered. He walked over and watched as Ava threw the paint at the wall. They continued doing this for about half an hour, and Ava turned around her eyes full of lust. She walked over to Niall and spread her arms. “You can put paint on whatever piece of clothing you want.” Niall smirked, and did exactly what Ava wanted. He placed his hands in the purple paint and grabbed both of her breasts, and Ava bit her lip. Niall smiled and wiped his hands on a towel. He picked Ava up, supporting her by grabbing her bum and squeezing a a little. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and they started to snog. Niall walking to Ava’s bedroom and opened her door with his foot.. He backed away from Ava and looked her in the eye. “Are you sure your ready love?” Ava looked at Niall for a second. “Yeah… I’m ready.”

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