Passion, Pain, Pleasure- Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall’s mum has been gone on a cruise for a long time. She is finally coming back only to find out that her son, Niall Horan, has had a long term girlfriend for the six months that she was gone. Will she warm up to Ava? Or will she just want to get her out of Niall’s life? Soon, things escalade in Niall and Ava’s relationship, and Maura starts to dislike Ava even more. Maura wants to be the only woman in Niall’s life; but will that even be possible? Or will she suceed, and will Ava leave Niall; all because of his mum.


3. ¢нαρтєя тняєє


-1 month later-

             Ava walked into Niall’s room in his house and smiled. He was sitting on his bed strumming his guitar. “You like my outfit Niall?” Niall looked up from his guitar surprised to see his mum let her in the house. He smiled at her and put his guitar on his bed, standing up. “Of course I love it babe…” He walked over to her and and she got on her tip toes and kissed him. Niall pulled back and looked suspiciously at his fiance. “How did you get in past my mom.” Ava looked around, jokingly looking around to make sure no one was looking and smiled. “Bobby let me in.” Niall laughed at his fiance and snatched the Snapback from her head. “Hey!” Ava whined. “Where’d you get this?” “Harry gave it to me!” Niall chuckled and threw his fiance over his shoulder. “Niall put me down!” “No! I’m gonna go flaunt around my fiance!” Ava blushed at his words and smacked Niall’s bum. “Your bum is in my face babe…” Niall started to shake his butt and Ava giggled. “Yours is in front of my face so we’re even. Plus babe, you know you love my bum.” Ava smiled and blushed as Niall playfully smacked her bum. He put her down and smiled at her. She hadn’t noticed but they were now outside and Ava sighed. “What’s wrong?” “I have an art exhibition tonight, and I wanted to know if you and your mum want to come… I mean you don’t have to but if you want to you can bring anyone; the boys your mum… You can bring friends… Your mum…” Ava rambled on. She really wanted to make a good impression on Niall’s mum after she fainted when they gave her the news that they were going to get married. “I’ll bring the boys and their girlfriends too. And my mum.” Ava smiled brightly and gave Niall a hug, wrapping her legs around his waist “Thank you thank you thank you!!!!” Niall laughed and grabbed her thighs for support. “Your welcome babe.” Ava jumped down and folded her hands infront of her rocking back and forth on her feet. Niall groaned, but smiled. “What do you want?” “Can we go get ice cream?!?” Niall laughed and nodded. “YES!!!” She jumped on his back and kicked his bum. “Onward fiance of mine.” Niall laughed and started walking. “I love you Ava…” “I love you too babe.” Ava put her chin on top of Niall’s head and saw the there was a bunch of girls in front of them. “Oh my God you guys look its Niall!” Ava jumped down from Niall’s back and sort of walked away from the crowd. “Niall can we get a picture?” “Sure ladies…” The girls got in a pose with Niall in the middle. Ava looked away because she knew this would take a while. She looked over to the park across the street, and then she got Niall’s attention. ‘I’m gonna go over there’ she mouthed and he nodded. Ava walked over to the park and she heard light sobs coming from behind a tree. She looked around and behind the tree was a girl who looked to be about 14 or 15.

“Excuse me? Love is anything wrong?” Ava whispered. The girl looked up and and wiped her eyes with the back of her sleeve. “Nothing… I-It’’s alright… I’m a-alright.” Ava squinted her eyes at the young girl and frowned. “There is something wrong… Here… whats your name? Mine is Ava…” The girl smiled and and looked at the playground equipment. “That’s a pretty name… Mine is Anna…” Ava beamed at the young girl and giggled. “That was my mums name… Your from France aren’t you?” Anna smiled and nodded. “Yeah… I guess my accent come out sometimes.” “Hey Anna?” “Hm?” “How old are you?” “I’m 15…” “Why are you out here by yourself? Why are you… crying?” Anna looked down at her lap and more tears fell from her eyes. Ava didn’t expect what happened next to happen, but it did. “I had a boyfriend, and we were together since we were 13, and he knew that I never wanted to… you know… have sex until I was married… but last night he told me that if I didn’t he would break up with me and I really, really liked him so I did, Ava.” Ava stayed quiet and Anna continued. “And I kept puking this morning… and I took a pregenancy test that I found in my older sisters room, and… and… i-it came o-out positive…” Ava silently gasped. “And then when I told my boyfriend, h-he t-told me he w-was o-only using me f-for s-sex. And when I told my parents they kicked me out…” Ava saw that Niall was walking over, so she quickly thought of a plan. “Anna… do you want to live with me? I mean… I don’t know you, but you seem like you need somewhere to be right now.” Anna beamed at Ava and gave her a tight hug. “Thank you so much I promise Ava I will pay you back.” “No need love. I just want to help you.” They stood up and Ava wrapped her arm around Anna’s back as if she was her mother. “Niall this is Anna. Anna this is Niall.” Niall shook her hand and Ava smiled. “Hey the boys called and I need to go to rehearsal. Is it okay if I raincheck that ice cream?” Ava nodded and said “Go on. I have some things to do with Anna anyway.” Niall gave her a peck on the lips and waved good bye to Anna. They watched as he walked away. “Lets go get you some new clothes… We’ll pick up some maternity clothes too. Sound good?” “Yeah… It does.”

-Many bags of clothes later-

“Anna I have an art exhibition later… Do you want to go?” “Yes! Thank you for all of this by the way… I’ve never had someone treat me as good as you have… You’ll be a really good mom someday.” Ava smiled and nodded at her. “You’ll be great mom too… I know you will. Well, I’m gonna go change, and you can just change into whatever you want!” Anna nodded and changed into something that was cute, but it was simple.


And Ava changed into something formal because her manager always made her dress like that.

They met in the living room and Ava smiled at Anna. “You look pretty.” They said at the same time. Anna blushed and Ava said “Thank you.” They walked outside and Anna broke the silence. “How far away is it?” Ava smiled and said “Not long. Tell me about yourself.” “Well… My full name is Anna Cateline Aguillon. I’m 15 years old and my birthday is December 20th.” “Really?!? Mine is too!” Ava said. Anna laughed and she kept thinking. “I have an older sister who never really was close to me, and my mom and dad, who thought of me as their princess.” Ava furrowed her eyebrows. “Then why…” “Because they knew I was saving myself. And now I’m pregnant and my baby will never meet his/her father.” “Oh Anna… You’ll meet someone who will love you and your daughter! Trust me… I met a person who loved me for me and now look,” she said holding her hand up.  “I’m getting married to him!” Anna smiled. “How old are you?” “I’m turning 19 on December 20th, the same day your turning 16!” Anna nodded and giggled. They came across the art museum and walked inside. “You can just sit here. It’s basically what I have to do too, except if people have questions or want to buy my painting then I have to you know… talk to them.”

             Niall walked into the art museum behind hundreds of people who were here to see his girlfriends work of arts. He smiled brightly and turned to Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn. “Liam you’re the only one who has met her but you guys will like her. I think she met a friend today but who knows?” He turned back around and saw some of the thousands of Ava’s paintings and sketchings


Everyone stared in awe at the drawings and paintings. “She has some real talent mate…” Zayn whispered as he put his arm around his friends shoudlers. “There she is…” Niall breated out. Everyone but Harry looked at Ava and they smiled. “She looks just like your type.” Louis whispered. Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor all went up to her and started talking immediately. Ava introduced them to Anna, and they all looked like they were connecting. Anna excused herself and Harry followed her. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. “Why’d you have to say yes Anna…” She walked back outside and came face to face with Harry Styles. “Listen… I know people see of me as a player, but your really… really beautiful and I want to take you out sometime.” Anna stayed emotionless but tears filled her eyes. “You don’t want me Harry…” “Why not?” “I’m 15! Plus…” “What is it?” “I-I’m pregnant…” It was silent. Dead. Silent. “What?” Harry choked out. “I found out this morning and the boy who got me pregnant doesn’t even want to be a part of this baby. And I am NOT giving it up or having an abortion.” Harry stayed quiet but after a while, he smiled. “Then whoever that is is horrible love… I know I just met you, and this might sound bonkers, but I can be that father figure that baby needs. Only if you give me the chance though.” Anna smiled at Harry and nodded. “Okay…” “Tomorrow night? At 7? Dress… Fancy.” Harry smiled at Anna and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. “I’m gonna go…” She walked away, but before she could leave Harry turned her back around. “You’re French.” He breathed out. “Oui ... Parlez-vous français?” Harry laughed and nodded.” Oui. J'ai pris environ trois ans de français à l'école secondaire. Je vous verrai demain ... belle.” (Which means: Yes. I took about three years of French in high school. I'll see you tomorrow... beautiful.) Anna blushed as she walked away.

             Meanwhile, Ava stood by the last painting answering questions while Niall stood by her side. A woman walked in and everyone, and I mean everyone went quiet. But not Niall… He kept rambling about something. Ava hit him on his arm. “Niall…” she hissed. “Shut up…” The woman was wearing lots of expensive jewlery and clothes. “Love who is that?” “Shhhh… I will tell you later.” Everything was quiet and then the moment Ava was waiting for came. “All of them.” “What?” Ava whispered. “You heard me…” the lady bent down and looked at the name on the card underneath the painting of the girl and boy hugging. “Ava Smith,” she continued. “I want all of them by my house next week. I’ll give you 2 grand… for each.” And then she left. The room erupted in claps and Ava wrapped her arms around Niall and jumped up and down. Tears fell from her face and sobs escaped her lips. They were happy tears; Ava had finally gotten what she wanted. Niall pulled away from her. “Ava who was that?” A grin spread across Ava’s face. “Niall…” she whispered. “That was Anna Smith… That was my mum…”

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