Passion, Pain, Pleasure- Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall’s mum has been gone on a cruise for a long time. She is finally coming back only to find out that her son, Niall Horan, has had a long term girlfriend for the six months that she was gone. Will she warm up to Ava? Or will she just want to get her out of Niall’s life? Soon, things escalade in Niall and Ava’s relationship, and Maura starts to dislike Ava even more. Maura wants to be the only woman in Niall’s life; but will that even be possible? Or will she suceed, and will Ava leave Niall; all because of his mum.


2. ¢нαρтєя тωσ


Ava eventually got home, about an hour later. She had no missed calls,and she kept crying as she walked into her empty flat. You see, Ava lives by herself, and that is another story as well, but we’ll get to it later. She walked up the steps to her bedroom and she laid down on her bed and she sighed loudly. A sob escaped her mouth and she flipped over and stuffed her face into a pillow crying harder. A slight buzz came from her pocket and she grabbed her phone, not caring to see who it was. She hoped it was Niall. “’Ello?” her voice croaked out. “I’m sorry.” “No you’re not Niall.” “I promise you I am Ava! I don’t know why I left you out there. I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry.” Ava cried harder and she moved away from the phone to cough a little. She wiped her face with a tissue and then she came back to the phone. “Niall…” Niall suddenly began to cry. “Ava…… baby please don’t leave me…” Ava frowned as her crying died down. “I won’t leave you Niall,” her voice brought down to a whisper. “I promise.” A loud tapping noise came from her balcony window and she turned around to see Niall. “Good Lord Niall,” she said. “What is wrong with you? How… How did you even get up here?,” she opened the balcony door and continued talking. “I mean I’m probably about 10 stories up Niall… That was dangerous… you could have gotten hurt, or wor-“ Niall cut off Ava by gently placing his lips on hers. He pulled back and smiled at her. “Sometimes you talk too much love.” Ava blushed and stood on her tip toes and pecked him on the lips. “And sometimes your too tall for me babe.” She whispered. Niall chuckled and pulled her on the bed, lying down next to her. She cuddled up next to him when she heard faint shouts coming from her window. Niall smiled sheepishly and Ava frowned. “Who is that?” I might have left my friend and his girlfriend down there. “Oh my word Niall.” Ava got up and went over to the window. “Just one minute!” She yelled down the window. They both gave her thumbs up and she grabbed Niall from the bed, dragging him along. “Can we go get food?” Ava laughed loudly and nodded. “Wait!” she stopped abruptly and turned arouhd and Niall crashed into her, both of them falling to the ground, Niall on top of Ava. “I sort of like this babe,” Niall said jokingly. “We should totally do it more often.” Ava pushed Niall off and became serious. “No…” “I was just kidding love!” Ava walked to her room and locked the door. “Why’d you lock it?” “I’m going to change!” “Oh… Well mum said she was tired so we’re not going to the carnival anymore.” Ava went to change and then she walked outside her room. “Niall?” she walked into the kitchen. Niall was on the floor as if he was looking for something. “Niall what are you doin-“


Niall stood up with a Scrabble box in his hand. “Ava look… I used to love this game when I was little. Lets play a little…” He sat Ava down on a chair and he took out the game. He grabbed some letters as did Ava. “I’ll go first…” He put the the letter ‘L’, skipped a space, then the letter ‘V’ and then ‘E’. “Niall babe… You forgot the ‘O’.” Niall chuckled and smiled gently at Ava. “No I didn’t.” He pulled something out of his pocket and placed it inbetween the ‘L’ and ‘V’.

 “Niall…” Ava gasped… Niall grabbed the ring from the Scrabble board and got down on one knee. “Ava… It was six months ago when I finally had the guts to ask you out, and I really didn’t think you were going to say yes. But you did. It made me happy to know you were all mine, and no one elses. I know it’s been a short time, but I feel like I’ve known your forever and I really love you. So Ava Maria Smith…… Will you do the honors of being my wife?” Ava started crying and nodded her head slightly. “Yes… Yes Niall I’ll marry you.” Niall silently slipped the ring on Ava’s finger as tears flowed down his face. “I love you Ava…” They both stood up and Ava smashed her lips onto Niall’s, and Niall picked her up and spun her around. “I love you too Niall…”

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