Passion, Pain, Pleasure- Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall’s mum has been gone on a cruise for a long time. She is finally coming back only to find out that her son, Niall Horan, has had a long term girlfriend for the six months that she was gone. Will she warm up to Ava? Or will she just want to get her out of Niall’s life? Soon, things escalade in Niall and Ava’s relationship, and Maura starts to dislike Ava even more. Maura wants to be the only woman in Niall’s life; but will that even be possible? Or will she suceed, and will Ava leave Niall; all because of his mum.


1. -¢нαρтєя σηє-

Niall quietly walked to his car with his girlfriend Ava. “I finally get to meet your mum Niall!!!” Ava’s thick British accent rang out. Niall laughed and nodded, stepping into the car. “Yeah, you do babe.” He said while grabbing her hand. “I can’t wait!!!” She said excitedly. Niall let go of her hand, and turned on the car. “Do you think she’ll like me?” “Of course she will Ava. She likes everyone.”  Ava giggled and smiled. “And I know for a fact that she’ll like you.” “What do you mean?” “Well isn’t it quite obvious?” Niall stated. “You’re perfect.” Ava blushed and looked out the window. “There’s a lot of snow....” Niall said with a worried voice. “Are you cold babe?” Ava looked down at her outfit ( and smiled. “No. I’m fine Niall....” Niall nodded and turned out of the driveway. Ava looked at him and smiled. “I love you Niall....” she whispered. “I love you too Ava. And I always will,” he grabbed her hand and kissed it. “No matter what.” Ava smiled and leaned her head onto his shoulder. Their relationship was what people called “picture perfect”. He was famous world wide, and every guy wanted to be him, and every girl wanted to be with him. She was an international painter, very well known throughout not only the UK, but all over the world. He wrote a song for her and she painted something for him. They had their ups and downs, and had broken up at least twice. But they still loved each other, and whenever they broke up or had a fight they would both lose that spark that was inside of them. They would become deprived of sleep, and wouldn’t eat, and eventually they realized that they needed eachother to function. Niall loved Ava with a burning passion, as did Ava to Niall.

             Niall parked in the parking lot and got out of the car. “She’s at gate 72. They get here in about 10 , maybe 20 minutes.” Ava nodded and intertwined their hands together. Ava wanted to be with Niall forever, and it was a funny way that they met, but that’s another story.

             “Flight 52 is arriving in 15 minutes.” A robotic voice said through the loudspeaker in the airport. Ava suddenly became nervous and she started chewing her fingernails. “Stop doing that Ava,” Niall said while pulling Ava’s hands away from her mouth. “You’ll ruin them.” Ava stayed quiet and looked away. “She’s not going to like me.” Niall sighed and wrapped his arms around Ava’s waist from behind. “She’ll like you Ava. I promise; and if she doesn’t then that’s her problem because I love you and nothing will change that.” Ava smiled and turned red as she felt Niall kissing her neck. “N-Niall stop. We’re o-out in p-public.” Niall shrugged and continued to peck her neck. “I don’t care.” Ava giggled and Niall sat down on a little bench and put her on his lap. He continued to kiss her neck and Ava giggled. Niall smirked against her skin and silently whispered, “I’m glad I found you Princess. You are probably the best thing that ever happened to me.” He carefully turned her torso and Ava smiled at him. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me Niall..” She kissed the corner of his mouth and Niall groaned in frustration. “You know I hate it when you do that Princess....” Ava laughed loudly; a laugh similar to Niall’s, but more girlier and looked him in the eye. “I know you do love,” she whispered. “That’s why I do it.”

             Maura watched from the other side of the airport as her son kissed the girl sitting on his lap. “Who is that?” she said out loud to herself. She walked over to the two kids and cleared her throat. The girl looked at her and went wide eyes and got off Niall’s lap and Niall jumped up and grasped his mum into a hug. “Hey mum.” He pulled back and stepped aside. “This is my girlfriend mum. Her name’s Ava. Ava Maria Smith.” Ava smiled and Maura stuck her hand out. Ava grabbed it softly and shook. “It’s nice to finally meet you Maura.” Something in Maura made her blood boil and she snatched her hand away from Ava’s. Ava frowned and looked away. Confusion spread across Niall’s face and he grabbed his mums suitcase. “We’re going to a carnival tonight mum.” Maura smiled at her son. “Okay son.” Ava grabbed Niall’s hand and walked with him to the car. She was going to sit in the front, so she opened the door, but before she could get in, Maura ran into the car and sat by Niall in the front. Marura sneered at her and tears sprang into Ava’s eyes. She hates me, she thought.

             Ava walked to the back and opened the car door. She sat down and a single tear fell from her eye as Niall passed by her window. He looked at her with confusion and she just gave him the “I’ll tell you later” look. He frowned and got in the drivers seat. “How was the trip mum?” “It was amazing. There were these……………” Ava drowned out Maura and looked out the window. She didn’t understand why she was acting like this. It’s not Niall was planning on getting married to her. For some reason Ava always had a fear that Niall was just using her and that he would he leave her someday. Ava looked at Niall through the rear view mirror and he looked back. He smiled at her and winked and Ava smiled lightly. “Whats wrong?” he mouthed. He kept his eyes on the road and looked up for a brief moment to see her mouth “I’ll tell you later.” “Niall do you think we could stop at a gas station for a second?” Maura asked. Niall nodded and took an exit. They stopped at a gas station and Marua got out saying she would be back soon. Niall waited until his mum entered the gas station, and then turned around towards his girlfriend. “Love?” Ava didn’t look at Niall and kept staring at the cars passing by. “Love? Love please look at me.” Ava turned to Niall. “What is it?” she whispered so silently you had to strain to hear it. Niall cupped her face and looked her in the eyes. “Whats wrong with you?” She backed away and frowned. “Your mum. She hates me Niall… Did you see the way she looked at me?” Niall frowned. “She doesn’t hate you. Even if she does please don’t be like this babe. It hurts me to see you like this.” Ava’s eyes filled with tears. “Promise never to leave me Niall… Please,” she moved up and wrapped her arms around Niall’s neck and he wrapped his around her waist. “Please just don’t leave me.” Niall started to cry and he gripped onto his girlfriend tighter. “I promise Ava. I won’t leave you. Ever.” Maura walked into the car and frowned. “Whats going on here?!?” she said almost yelling. Ava winced from the tone of her voice and Niall became angry. “I’m sorry mum but do you have a problem with me conforting my girlfriend?” Marua spoke out of anger, but she spoke anyway. “I do. She’s probably just using you anyway.” “Using him? I’m sorry Niall but your mum must be crazy.” She unbuckled her seat and got out of the car. “Ava? Love where are you going?” “I’m taking the bus home. Call me when you need me. I cannot be in the same car as a woman who thinks I’m using her son.” She slammed the door shut and walked off towards the bus staion. The next bus going to as close to her house and she could would come in about 5 minutes. She sat down on the bench and huffed loudly. She watched as Niall drove off and tears fell from her eyes. He doesn’t care, thought Ava. He left me.

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