You don't remember me?

Harry Styles fanfic.
Callie grew up in the same town as Harry. She always knew there was something special. They were the best of friends and always hung out. Harry auditions on X-Factor then his life changes. Will Harry and Callie's friendship last through the fame and fortune?


2. X-Factor

Harry's POV:

This day is what i've been waiting for all my life. hopefully my dreams would come true. i was standing in line for my audition on X-Factor. i was so nerous i was shaking. I knew this would either make or brake me. it was my turn. i walked out on stage and the crowd screamed. i hope it was a good scream. they judges were smiling at me except for simon. He was very intimidating in person. i sang and everyone went crazy. After the song the judges loved me Louis said no because he didnt think i was ready. Nicole said yes and so did simon. that was it i was in!!! i was so excited. But at that moment i knew my life had changed but was i prepared?


Callie's POV:

I had found out Harry had gotten through. I was so happy for him i knew i had to see him as soon as i could. I made sure i would watch him on tv every episode. There wasn't really anytime for me to see him. i was bummed. i knew when he got off the show thought i would. then one episode he got cut along with 4 other boys. he was so diappointed i felt so bad. he got called back to the stage along with the 4 other boys. they had been put in a group and would continue in the competition. i was so happy for him but what next? 

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