You don't remember me?

Harry Styles fanfic.
Callie grew up in the same town as Harry. She always knew there was something special. They were the best of friends and always hung out. Harry auditions on X-Factor then his life changes. Will Harry and Callie's friendship last through the fame and fortune?


3. Who are you again?

Harry's POV:

I had been put in a group. We have been called one direction. i was so happy the judges have given s a second chance. i have really bonded with all the boys. boot camp has been a lot of work with all the dances and singing. thats really all i could focus on. i was forgetting all about school, aall about work. suddenly i had gotten a phone call from somebody named Callie. Who was that? i answered it. "Hello?" "Harry!!!!! congrats you've been working so hard!!!! i knew you could do it!" "ummm... i'm sorry. who is this? "its callie. dont you remember me?" "no im sorry i've never met anyone named callie before" then i hung up. Who was she and why was she calling me? How did she get my number


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