You don't remember me?

Harry Styles fanfic.
Callie grew up in the same town as Harry. She always knew there was something special. They were the best of friends and always hung out. Harry auditions on X-Factor then his life changes. Will Harry and Callie's friendship last through the fame and fortune?


1. way back when

Callie's POV:

It all started in preschool. We were both put in Mrs. Smith's class. Right when i saw him walk in i just knew we had to be friends. There was just something special about him but i don't know what it was. His hair, His smile, His dimples, all of it. I went up to him "hi my names Callie whats yours?" He smiled at me and replied "I'm Harry" at that moment we instantly became friends. We hung out everyday in the classroom. We would always paint pictures of each other and dress up. One day he asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up. I guess i had never thought about it so i just said an artist. i really have always enjoyed painting and coloring. I asked him what he would want to be and he said a singer. i asked him to sing for me. he sang twinkle twinkle. it was beautiful. and thats when it all started.

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