Jane green... love at first coffee

OK, I was the first person to admit I didn't like sex... maybe it was because of my rows of previous failed relationships. Well- I say rows... I've had three. The first came about in year 7 of senior school. He only dated me for my malteasers though so I'm not sure it counts. The second was in sixth form. He was in a band. I occasionally listened to music.... Thats where the similarity's stopped. Then there's Dan. I met him in Tesco's and that set the tone for the rest of the relationship. Not an amazing line-up- trust me, I know. But nothing seemed as good as they did in books...

Jane always lived with her head in books. But now something- someone- is pushing her to be free and live her own story. But can you love someone you've only just met?

"Yes, But it takes years of practice to be IN love with that someone"

"I don't have years"

"You have all the time in the world"


5. Wedding plans- problems letter

Dear anny

I just got engaged to this amazing guy, he's sweet, lovely, gorgeous... but unfortunatly, broke. I've only been dating him half a year, and I don't care that his broke at all. But I just imagined my wedding as this extravigant event, where I could be surrounded by everyone I love. I've been planbning my wedding since practically primary school! I really want to wait a bit longer because we cant afford the wedding I want right now. But all of our friends and family already know were engaged, and I don't want to hurt him! What should I do?

run-a-way bride x

"What do you think?" I asked Leona and Judy, my loyal, albeit clueless, fashion assistants.

"I don't know," Leona bit her lip, helpfully, "Well I guess she could tell him and he'd have to accept because there in love,"

"But I think it's terribly romantic to have a wedding on the bare neccesitites, You know, out in the open air, surrounded by your family in rows of deck chairs," Judy sighed.

"No stressful planning, just..." Leona thought for a second.

"Love!" Judy exclaimed, proud to know the answer. As per usual, they were of in there own little world of make- believe. If I ever got married, I would want just a small chapel, blue roses and a gorgeously expensive dress. I shook my head, surfacing from my own little moment of make-believe.

Dear run-a-way bride

Tell. him. You are the bride. You are the one who calls the shots. You don't need to call off the wedding, just put the date forward (waaay forward). And get a game plan. Your are the fiancee, you plan the wedding and, with that, you get the power. Tell him what you want, without upsetting the calm balence of your friends and family, or taking your shiny ring of your finger. Tell him you want money, and he will get it. Take control, and don't stress, you'll have enough of that when it comes closer to the date of your wedding.

Never run away x Anny

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