Jane green... love at first coffee

OK, I was the first person to admit I didn't like sex... maybe it was because of my rows of previous failed relationships. Well- I say rows... I've had three. The first came about in year 7 of senior school. He only dated me for my malteasers though so I'm not sure it counts. The second was in sixth form. He was in a band. I occasionally listened to music.... Thats where the similarity's stopped. Then there's Dan. I met him in Tesco's and that set the tone for the rest of the relationship. Not an amazing line-up- trust me, I know. But nothing seemed as good as they did in books...

Jane always lived with her head in books. But now something- someone- is pushing her to be free and live her own story. But can you love someone you've only just met?

"Yes, But it takes years of practice to be IN love with that someone"

"I don't have years"

"You have all the time in the world"


10. lonely- problems letter

Dear Anny.

I'm a 31 year old  wit a passion for photography I make a good living and I never really noticed my lack of a love life... Until now. The reason I never noticed was because I was busy. Then, a month ago, I found out both my best friends were getting married... Yes. They co-ordinated their dates to match! And guess what? Joint wedding! I'm thrilled... But where have my best friends gone? I expected to feel left out, but it turns out they haven't even seen each other to decide the plans- its been all emails. And this is so much worse. We're all drifting apart, they're starting their own family's. And me... I'm left with the position of head bridesmaid and my camera. I want a family... To bad I haven't even got a  boyfriend.

yours sincerely, in despair.


I consulted my assistants, "How do you two meet guys?" I swivelled round like a pro (What? Never! Of course I hadn't practiced! What type of childish person does that?")

They both abandoned the pictures and snippets of writing, that was strewn on the desk in front of them. "Any ideas?" I pondered, drumming my fingers against my latte. Leona gnawed at her nails, "A club?" Judy suggested with a hopeless shrug.

"She's 31" I sighed.

"I kind of just expect it t happen. Y'know, like... fate! Or... accident, Or...." Leona enthused.

"Or like bumping into a gorgeous guy at a shop, making eye contact and BOOM... You're  in love!" Jody carried on.


"I think I get the gist, I interrupted. Although I felt their delusional tendencies were humorous, subconsciously, I guess that's what I expected. But that doesn't happen in real life... and I would be 31 in four short years... How do  find a husband in that time? I hadn't even considered a husband?

"Well your her age- how do you meet guys?" My 22-year-old-slighly-less-than-the-average-intelligance assistant, Jody said.

"What?! I' 27! 27! I'm in my prime!" I almost screeched, putting down my coffee and stomping my  foot.

"Almost 30 then," concluded Leona.

"I'm not-" I persisted. "Ugh, fine... Well I, em. I meet guys at," I gave up moaning  about my age before once again realising how unsuited to the job I was.

"I met my husband at a bus stop," Naomi giggled from behind me. Saving me from having to make up my own story- which they would -of course- want to know every detail of.

"oooooo, tell us every thing," Jody squealed. I took my chance to escape, grateful, that Naomi was matching their enthusiasm.


Dear Despair.

Put yourself out there. You are in you're prime. My first tip- You obviously feel older than you actually are, so give yourself a makeover to bring out the younger you that is hiding inside of you. My second tip-Join dating websites and try to give yourself as much opportunity as possible. God closes the door. You kick down the wall. And thirdly, You have a wedding coming up- at which you are heads bridesmaid. You basically have a price on your head. Just make sure your friends steer clear of taffeta and glitter whilst picking your dress, and you'll be fine.


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