Jane green... love at first coffee

OK, I was the first person to admit I didn't like sex... maybe it was because of my rows of previous failed relationships. Well- I say rows... I've had three. The first came about in year 7 of senior school. He only dated me for my malteasers though so I'm not sure it counts. The second was in sixth form. He was in a band. I occasionally listened to music.... Thats where the similarity's stopped. Then there's Dan. I met him in Tesco's and that set the tone for the rest of the relationship. Not an amazing line-up- trust me, I know. But nothing seemed as good as they did in books...

Jane always lived with her head in books. But now something- someone- is pushing her to be free and live her own story. But can you love someone you've only just met?

"Yes, But it takes years of practice to be IN love with that someone"

"I don't have years"

"You have all the time in the world"


9. Guilty waitress

Oh my lord. I  threw my head into my hands hopelessly. How could I? Why did I? He. I. I didn't actually realise he was a minor. "Eighteen in two weeks" Thats what he had said. Right after I'd spent a whole night with him inside me, of course. Don't tell me that before I become a child molester! No! Tell me that after I'd spent the night pleasing a seventeen year old. Seventeen! Ten years younger than me. Oh God. Oh God. Do you know what would have made me felt better? Maybe if I hadn't have enjoyed it. Maybe if I hadn't of looked into his eyes and considered. OK- assumed, that we were falling in love. Then he dropped the bomb. Thank god I hadn't used the L-word.

I made extremly stong coffee with an extra shot. I was still in the shop, just trying not to relive every single delicious, embarassing, amazing, guilty moment of last night. Burrowing my head in my hands, I decided to not come out- Ever. I would forever be enclosed in this position. An do you want to know something else? He had been so much more experianced than me! I just assumed he was at least 25. That is the last time I ever assumed.

"Hello?" Tammy called out. I yelped as Tammy dropped his bag on the kitchen counter next to me. "Why are you still here? wwhy wasn't the door locked?" He inspected the kitchen, "Someone could have robbed the place!" Oh. I must have forgot, in the midst of shoving my seventeen year old lover out of the door. Hey- I said I wanted excitment. Here it is. I'm suprised the police haven't come round yet... Or his mum. "Long story," I Groaned.

I glanced at him hopping on to the counter, through a gap in my chestnut hair. Still folded over- head in hands. As I said- I was never coming out. "I've got all day." He smiled.

"How about years?" I muttered.

"Stop being a drama queen, I leave you for one hour before closing time, to look after the shop, and when I come back you look like you've just commited a murder," He tutted. Well tut away. I'm tutting to myself. I can just imagine my mother. "Oh- jane, how could you be so silly." I hated that word. I'm nearly thirty and she still used that word, everytime I put coffee down on the table without a coaster.

"I have murdered," I mummbeled into the sleeve of my jumper. It smelled like him. Ugh. Wrenching my head back, I took a dramatic gulp of my coffee. "A boys innocence.... Tammy- I am a child molester."  I ironically took a bow.

He burst out laughing. Spluttering and wheezing. "Laugh away- I'm the one whos going to jail," I cryed out.

"Your so over dramatic, Jane what are you talking about?" He choked inbetween laughing.

"I had sex with a seveteen year old boy. On that counter your sitting on, actually. I'm expecting to see his mother any time soon," I sighed casually.

"Non," He finnally expressed the apropriate reaction, and I looked at him sobrelly...



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