Jane green... love at first coffee

OK, I was the first person to admit I didn't like sex... maybe it was because of my rows of previous failed relationships. Well- I say rows... I've had three. The first came about in year 7 of senior school. He only dated me for my malteasers though so I'm not sure it counts. The second was in sixth form. He was in a band. I occasionally listened to music.... Thats where the similarity's stopped. Then there's Dan. I met him in Tesco's and that set the tone for the rest of the relationship. Not an amazing line-up- trust me, I know. But nothing seemed as good as they did in books...

Jane always lived with her head in books. But now something- someone- is pushing her to be free and live her own story. But can you love someone you've only just met?

"Yes, But it takes years of practice to be IN love with that someone"

"I don't have years"

"You have all the time in the world"


6. coffee for two

Daniel looked up from her cocoon in the sand, tossing her hair back and summoning confidence, she'd never known she'd had."Daniel," He whispered it like a prayer, barely escaping his lips. The breeze whispered around her and carried her answer to him, "Yes,"

I looked up with a start as Tammy colapsed in the chair behind me. "Honey, you look like you've seen a ghost," Tammy laughed. I removed my hand from my chest and sighed...

"Well, you are getting paler, Tammy," I lyed, trying to sound worried. He's face turned into a look of horror, as he looked down at his perfectly manicured and golden hands. "You liar!" He exclaimed, holding his hand too his heart, "Don't you dare do that again!"

"I'm sorry, tam-" I burst into enougher round of giggles, just thinking of the look of terror that flashed through his eyes. "It's really, really not funny," I managed to spit out, not sounding sincere in the slightest.

"We'll see whos laughing when I spit in you coffee" He murmured, sounding as about sincere as I had.

" I really am sorry," I gasped, wiping my eyes.

"I'm still spitting in your coffee," He muttered. But I don't think he'd ever spat in his life. Sighing, I closed my laptop, I'd completely lost my trail of thought when Tammy scared me.

"What did you want?" I smiled, hiding my annoyance. It wasn't him I was annoyed at anyway. It was me. For not being able to write any thing decent. Ugh.

"Company, a loving friend, someone whom might want to take over my shift for two iddy-biddy seconds, whilst I call Troy and tell him I can't accept his romantic gesture of going to the movies, because Betty isn't here and I need to work late," He looked at me pleadingly.

"Fine. Go see him, I'll take over." I sighed. Trying not to smile as he jumped up and down gleefully.

"You don't even need to get up! Just take my note pad  and apron and sit here," He gushed. "Help yourself to all the coffe you want!" He held my hands, "Thank you! You do not know how much I love you right now!"

"Do you want me to keep an eye on the books as well?" I asked hopfully "Since Betty isn't here?"

"Yes, Make yourself comfortable with any book you want!" He laughed happily. "You are an angel." He threw his apron at me and ran for the door, "Love you, honey!" I watched as he sped of in his car and did a little jump. How could I have not noticed the absense of Betty? Now, had a whole library to myself, without her reminding me I had to pay for what I read. I sighed internally. Absolute bliss.

I ran my finger against a row of dusty, hardback novels. I loved it, the books had absolutly no order to them and hunting for the perfect book had completely distracted me from the shop. I finnally picked up a book called "I know you", which sounded hopeful. I delved into its worn pages eagerlly, filling myself with the scrumptious contents of it.

*Cough* I looked up, shocked, trying to locate the throaty cough that was clearly intended to get my attention. swiveling my head I scanned the shelves of books, no one was any where to be seen! *Cough* I flung my head back up and looked to my right. Through the slit in the books, where I'd taken two books from to investigate earlier, a male voice chuckeled. "Oh," I squeaked. His eyes were the lightest blue I'd ever seen, bordering on grey, and his nose was straight and long. It really was a lovely nose. "Em, Do you work here?" His voice was deeper than I expected and young. Like, really young. "Erm, Yes. Erm, can I help you?" I spluttered. I wasn't used to male contact. And I was completely and totally aware of our suductive his voice sounded.Yes. I know I'm sad.

"Do you have coffee?" He inquired. Coffee, did we have coffee? I looked away from that split in the books, forcing myself to not duck and hide. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. I hummed it like a song. "Oh! yes!" I shook myself, realising he had still been expecting an answer. "Em, we have mocha and latte and, em, em,em, Whipped cream!" I almost slapped myself. Had I really just said that? Earth, please please please open up and swallow me whole. How old was I? 27 and talking about whipped cream! Oh dear lord.

He laughed throately. Genuinly amused by my (As Cassia would call it) "Fuck up". "Coffe for two please,"

A strangeled "Ugh" Was all that managed to escape my lips.


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