Jane green... love at first coffee

OK, I was the first person to admit I didn't like sex... maybe it was because of my rows of previous failed relationships. Well- I say rows... I've had three. The first came about in year 7 of senior school. He only dated me for my malteasers though so I'm not sure it counts. The second was in sixth form. He was in a band. I occasionally listened to music.... Thats where the similarity's stopped. Then there's Dan. I met him in Tesco's and that set the tone for the rest of the relationship. Not an amazing line-up- trust me, I know. But nothing seemed as good as they did in books...

Jane always lived with her head in books. But now something- someone- is pushing her to be free and live her own story. But can you love someone you've only just met?

"Yes, But it takes years of practice to be IN love with that someone"

"I don't have years"

"You have all the time in the world"


11. bridesmaid anyone?

"The theme is love eternal, I'm thinking gold and creams- sophisticated deco but with beautiful handcrafted personalised touches..." She pointed to her own golden top and cream trench coat, "Like this..." I nodded quickly (It became apparent about half an hour ago that attempts of talking were futile), "We're getting your dress's Saturday," Naomi repeated for the umpteenth time, fiddling with her chunky gold necklace "I need dress's that are going to flatter all your figures"...

Good luck with that... Even if one of the bridesmaid wasn't going to be seven month's pregnant at the time, me and Cassia were going to be hard enough to shop for. I was a petite brunette with the figure of a nine year old boy. Cassia was a 36DD. Need I say more? Anything that suited Ellen and Cassia would hang off me like a sack.... anything that me and Ellen would be OK wearing, cassia would find too unrevealing... And me and Cassia can just forget about showing off our slim waists.

"You'll each have plus ones..." For the first time since Naomi had pulled me away from the "sports luxe" look book I was supposed to be designing, she stopped talking. "Unless you don't want one- I- Em, there will be plenty of men there... my cousin is still available, I could seat you together. He's the dentist one if you don't remember."

Oh. I remembered. He was an Indian dentist, which is fine... But he shared the same characteristics as Naomi, and somehow a waifish figure and cat eyes aren't as attractive on men. Not to mention he had the personality of a wet flannel. Every time he stuttered "sor-r-r-ry" For doing nothing wrong, I died a little inside. "No, don't worry... I don't mind sitting alone with the other bridesmaid's and their plus ones, I might even take somebody," I choked a bit at the end... What was I saying? I had only slept with three men. Ever. Actually, correction... Two almost-men, and a boy...

"You're bringing a plus one?" Cassia questioned dubiously. "The last guy you dated was Dan," the Tesco's guy." she pulled her black nails away from her keyboard and crossed her bare arms.

"He was OK" I muttered, knowing it was a lie. I tucked my military boots under my chair, knowing where this was headed...

"He was soooo boring, he never said anything remotely emotional. He was a robot. An empty human shell, you didn't even talk to each other" I knew she would continue if I didn't cut in...

"Ok, admittedly we probably weren't best suited..." I mumbled, playing with my new silk scarf and pretending to be deeply intrigued with the office's dusty fax machine.

"You dated him for four years, it took you that long to work it out?" Cassia had hated Dan. Then again she pretty much hated anyone who didn't worship her. She even had a mug the said "I'm a lot easier to get on with once you learn to worship me like a goddess," Well, it did say that until someone (A complete comedy genius) came along and changed the goddess too goldfish with permanent marker. Which is defiantly not funny (It is).

"Leave her alone, just cause she don't whore around like you, doesn't mean she's bad with guys- she just has standards" Ellen jutted in, frantically trying to carrying piles of photo shoot prints and sort out her hippie sun dress at the same time.

"Dan- Dan- standards?" Cassia stuttered, shaking her spikey blonde crop back and forth.

"He was fine. Not bad looking, not argumentative, not mean. He was good to Jane... unlike some of the guys you hang out with" she raised her eyebrows pointedly before continuing on in a motherly fashion, "Jane my lovely, these are some more of the Malibu photos," Ellen smiled.

"Thanks Ellen," I unloaded them from her arms and dumped them on my desk. Naomi immediately hauled Ellen of too her computer to show her some of her collages and ideas, "We have six month's to get it sorted, a July wedding..." As Her voice drifted into  the distance I let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm second in command, almost boss lady, where is the respect?" Cassia was still mumbling on so I blew a raspberry at her. But even though the conversation had ended my mind couldn't help drift back... "I might even bring someone,"... But who?

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