Stripes Girl and Braces Boy

Christiania had a loving family and everything in her life was great, she had good grades and was popular school, then a boy called Louis Tomlinson moved in next door. They became close. When CJ was 16 her dad left to go fight in Afghanistan, he never came back. CJ began to hated Louis for a reason which he didn't know. Louis began to fight back and they never spoke again. When they where 18 CJ moved away.She changed her name to Christy and tried to forget her old life. Their changed paths and never heard form each other again. 2 years later 20 year old Christiana meets a boy on Facebook, she doesn't know his name or what he looks like, just that he is 21 and is profile picture is a faceless man wearing stripy braces.
off, they got alone great and loved to chatted over Facebook anytime they could. She thinks he is going to be a handsome, loving boy who will love her to bits when they meet. What happens when he isn't who she thinks he is and her past comes crashing towards her?


12. Water Park

Christy's POV

I woke up to a incredibly enjoyable hug. When I opened my eyes, all I could see was a flop of brown curly hair. I laughed to myself as I realised it was Harryl. " What are you doing?" I said grogilly. He let go of me and smirked. " I'm supposed to be Giving you a horan hug, cos Niall isn't awake yet so...!" I laughed and he winked at me. " Get up, me and Niall are taking you to a water park!" He yelled. I pulled my douvet over my head, his grammar was really irratating me.

" Niall and I! I yelled at him. He burst out laughing. " What? I like my english nice and proper, I am a writer!" I point out, than I realised that I had never told the boys that yet, well, I have never had time to really get to know them, the past couple days have been crazy.

"Your a writer?" Harry asks, his eyes huge with bewilderment. I nodded then he mouthed WOW. I laughed then got out of bed and walked to my wardrobe. I grabbed my clothes then looked back at Harry. " Urm.. are you going to let me change?" I asked. He nodded but didn't move one inch, instead he just stared straight at me. I widened my eyes. " What are you waiting for?" He asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world. " Uh, for you to LEAVE!" I pointed at the door. His face saddened. " Okay, fine." He mumbled, I could tell he wasn't sad though because he had cheeky smile etched on his face.

I laughed to myself and began to change. Almost at perfect timing Niall opened the door just as I was putting my bra on." Hey, Christ- almighty!"He yelled then ran out of the room. I began to blush so deep red that I must have blended in to the roses that where sitting on the counter. Wait. Roses? They weren't there yesterday. I walked towards them then picked them up. There was a little card attached to it that read.

'Every little thing, is gunna be alright... 3rd date will be better than the 2nd. Promise x'

Liam was way to sweet. I quickly finished changing and grabbed my phone from the counter. When I entered the living room I began to blush again when I saw the boys all staring at me. "Thanks for telling everyone Niall." I muttered and he went red aswell. All the boys started to laugh apart from Liam. " Guys, I though we weren't going to objectify women!" Liam said bravely. I was about to agree with him untill he too, burst out laughing. "Niall, maybe you should knock next time." He said through the laughter. I grabbed the nearest pillow and chucked it at them. Unfortunatley just as I threw it Louis walked past and caught it. I glared at him and he just looked away. I could see him mutter something under his breathe. "Dick" I said outloud. He looked straight at me and gave me the evils. I just stared straight back into his soft sea blue eyes.

" acca -awkward!" Zayn said in a high pitched voice broke me from my trance, Louis was looking back at me with a confused look on his face and so were the other boys. I turned away and sheepishly entered the kitchen to make myself some tea.

Louis POV

I stared into her mellow brown, sparkiling eyes. Her face softened as she stared at me. The angry look on her face disapeared and an expression of dreaminess appeared. Why did she look at me that way, did ... did she feel something like I always do? No, she hates you and you hate her, I tried to convince myself. Christy then broke the gaze and it felt like something had been ripped out of me. 


Christy's POV

" Lets go already!" Niall yelled. I walked into the living room with my beach bag which was filled with clothes and my swimming costume. Harry grabbed my hand and led me out of the house. Why wasn't Liam coming?

" Why isn't Lee coming?" I asked. The boys looked at each other and Niall nodded towards Harry. " He wants to speak to Louis." I sighed. I should have known. " Wait, what about Zaynie?"

" Oh, he is going out with Perrie." I smiled at the mention of her name. I had heard of her before, I had heard of her girl group, Little Mix and I adored their music. " So you really haven't heard of our band?" Niall asked me.

I shook my head. " No, not really, I may have heard a couple of your song on the radio, sometime or another but I didn't really pay much attention." I told them. It wasn't a complete lie, I just made up the fact that I had heard their songs on the radio, I don't really listen to pop music, well apart from little mix, I'm more of a Taylor Swift fan myself.

" Have you heard of this song?" Harry asked then began to sing. He had a lovely voice, no wonder he was in a world famous boy band. " Thats what makes you beautiful!" Harry finished off. I clapped slowly. " Nope, never." I told him and Niall gasped.

" what about... Making them drool on their chinny chin chins!" He sang. " Oh yeah, I have heard that!" I yelped. They looked so happy. " Really?" Harry asked. " Yep, In three little pigs!" I joked. The boys looked disapointed. I laughed then patted them on the shoudlers. " I like taylor swift music." As soon as I said that Harry flung a hand over my mouth. " Do not mention that crazy stalkers name." He whispered. I bit his hand and he winced. " Don't be mean, just because she broke up with you." I laughed. He suddenly looked offended. " NO! I BROKE UP WITH HER!" He yelled as he crossed his arms like a little child. ( N/A BTW I have nothing against Taylor Swift, I love her music! and I don't actually know what happened between them and all that hoo ha.)


When we got to the water park I changed into my one piece swimming costume. I didn't like to wear bikini's cos they made me look fatter than I already was, which would not be good. " Why are you not wearing a Bikini?" Harry asked. He was wearin his multi coloured swimming trunks. " Cos, they make me look fat." I told him " You are not fat Christy" he objected, I couldn't help staring at his abs, it was really annoying. Harry realised I was staring then smirked.

" I'm sexy and I know it" He laughed. Niall walked out of the changing room and flexed his muscles. I laughed at his failed attempt. " I'll try not to burn ur eyes." Niall smirked. I laughed. " Guys, I'm off limits, so please keep shirts on." I joked. Harry ran to me and picked me up. He then carried me to the water and threw me in. I started to scream and acted like I was drowning. " Shit." Harry cursed and Both the boys jumped in after me. I pushed their heads under water for a second then burst out laughing. " Race you to the other side." I dared them and they looked stunned that they had been tricked by a girl. Niall was the first to begin swimming then harry joined in. I had to stop doing backstroke because they were catching up quite quickly. I felt a hand grab my ankle and pull me back. I kicked frantically but couldn't escape Niall's grasp. " Gotcha." He laughed.




DO you like it? I think I made Niall and Harry's relationship with Christy nice and close. They are not in love or anything, just brotherly love, she does love Liam at the moment, just in case u didn't quite catch on...:D

I am doing a sponsered slience right now for school.. been silent for 3 hours.. 1 to go! Wish me luck! :D

Love yah

El x

P.s: Thanks for commenting PURPLE CARROTS, I have realised that only about 1/2 of u read the authors note, so I will try to make it short and snappy.:D

Remember: Smile :D



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