Stripes Girl and Braces Boy

Christiania had a loving family and everything in her life was great, she had good grades and was popular school, then a boy called Louis Tomlinson moved in next door. They became close. When CJ was 16 her dad left to go fight in Afghanistan, he never came back. CJ began to hated Louis for a reason which he didn't know. Louis began to fight back and they never spoke again. When they where 18 CJ moved away.She changed her name to Christy and tried to forget her old life. Their changed paths and never heard form each other again. 2 years later 20 year old Christiana meets a boy on Facebook, she doesn't know his name or what he looks like, just that he is 21 and is profile picture is a faceless man wearing stripy braces.
off, they got alone great and loved to chatted over Facebook anytime they could. She thinks he is going to be a handsome, loving boy who will love her to bits when they meet. What happens when he isn't who she thinks he is and her past comes crashing towards her?


21. Popcorn

Christy's POV

" Uh.... Movie?" Harry said. I took a Actimel from the fridge and began to drink it, Harry looked over at me. " yeah, sure Movie sounds nice." I smiled at him, I had a feeling today was going to be a good day.

" What movie?" Liam asked me, not really caring about what the other boys were suggesting, i shook my head, " I don't mind, ask the boys." I told him, he smiled at me and asked Niall. 

" Hey, what about silver Linings? I heard it was great!" Zayn piped in. " Yeah, It's got jennifer Lawrence in it!" Niall swooned I laughed, " Nah-uh, bradly cooper!" I said as I pretended to fan my self with my hand.

" hey! What about me?" Liam protested. I gave him a kiss on the lips. " Don't worry Liam, your on a completely different level." I whispered to him. He smirked. I could tell that his ego was getting bigger.

"Boy is it getting hotter in here!" Harry mocked. I laughed and slapped him across the arm. I looked back at Liam, smiling. In the corner of my eye I caught Louis, staring at me, with pain and jelousy clear in his eyes.


I sat in the cinema next to Rose and Liam, Harry had invited Rose along and I was glad of that because I hadn't seen another girl in so long and it was good to get in with the gossip again.

The title screen came up. SIVLER LININGS PLAYBOOK. I had been wanting to see this film in so long, I had put in my diary for ages yet I never had time to go with my mum. I had watched this trailer on youtube so many times and I so excited to be actually seeing it.

A Hand jabbed my shoulder, I turned around and tried to look for the owner of the hand. It was Niall. " Pss, Crinkles, pass the toffee popcorn!" He whispered really loudly, I looked back at him annoyed, I was missing the beginning. I reluctantly nudged harry on the arm, it was awkward because I had to lean over Rose as she was sitting quite far away. " Harry, Popcorn!" I stage whispered, he shook his head. " Why not?" I asked angrily, Why couldn't he just give me the friggin popcorn? " Fine, but only if you get me the salty one!" He bargained. I groaned. " Fine." Harry handed me his popcorn and I passed it over to Niall, he smiled but then frowned when I told him I needed the salty one. " Please, Niall!" I begged. " No, Nialler wants both!" He grumbled.

" Hey, Christy, where is my popcorn?" Harry asked me quietly, Liam hushed us and kept watching the film.

" Niall, hand over the popcorn." I said as quietly as possible, it was a shame I practically screamed it. Niall shook his head. " don't make me come over there!" I warned him, already people in the cinema were turning around to stare at us. Niall shook his head again, defending his Popcorn in his arms. I jumped over Liam and grabbed the popcorn away from Niall, he yelped and a couple of people shushed him violently. I glared at him and handed the popcorn to Harry. 

"Nah, it's okay Love, you have it." he grinned as he refused to take the popcorn. " Take the damn popcorn Harry." I yelled at him.

" Shut up!" Came the annoyed voices, Serious Dejahvou, this has happened to many times to be happening again.

" what is going on over there?" Zayn asked loudly. I ignored him. " Harry, take. the. f****** Popcorn." I ordered.  A woman in the row infront of us death glared me. " There are little kids in here!" She scolded my swearing. " Well, they shouldn't be here, its a 13!" I yelled back at her.

sure enough, a man with a torch appeard in the front of the cinema and began to make his way up to us.

" Exscuse me Miss, You are going to have to leave." I groaned, not this again, Everytime, every F****** time. Then something that I didn't expect happened. Louis, who had been silent this whole entire time, spoke up. " I am sorry sir, that was my fault, It was me screaming, not her." I stared at him in shock, he didn't even look at me, his gaze constantly looking through me like I was invisible.

The man nodded and ushered Louis out of his seat. They disapered out of the screening.

Everyone turned to look at me.

Liam's POV

God Dammit, I knew it, I knew that Louis liked Christy, he had been doing all these things for her, helping her out in all the ways yet she doesn't even notice. He lied to me, he said he didn't have feelings for her, he said that we were good, but obviously not because he has a crush on my girlfriend.


I thought this chappie was quite dramatic, Yep, Louis once again helped Christy. Did you like it? This is going to be a short A/N cos I am going to  Dorm FEAST! YEP SOUNDS GOOD.


Love you all!

El x

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P.s do you guys like the 'new set up of movellas?' Plus the mumbles.. wtf?

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