Stripes Girl and Braces Boy

Christiania had a loving family and everything in her life was great, she had good grades and was popular school, then a boy called Louis Tomlinson moved in next door. They became close. When CJ was 16 her dad left to go fight in Afghanistan, he never came back. CJ began to hated Louis for a reason which he didn't know. Louis began to fight back and they never spoke again. When they where 18 CJ moved away.She changed her name to Christy and tried to forget her old life. Their changed paths and never heard form each other again. 2 years later 20 year old Christiana meets a boy on Facebook, she doesn't know his name or what he looks like, just that he is 21 and is profile picture is a faceless man wearing stripy braces.
off, they got alone great and loved to chatted over Facebook anytime they could. She thinks he is going to be a handsome, loving boy who will love her to bits when they meet. What happens when he isn't who she thinks he is and her past comes crashing towards her?


9. Painful

Christy's POV

"Great, This just has to happen, doesn't it." I groaned. I started to pull at my hair in anger and the flower I had tried so hard to get perfect, fell to the floor. " Wait.. I'm guessing you guys already know each other." Liam said, trying to break the silence.

" Sorry, not to be rude or anything but why is he here?" I asked Liam, outraged. He scratched his head and laughed awkwardly. " Well, he is the 5th member of One Direction...." Liam trailed off. I face palmed myself. Why would anybody put up with this idiot?

"So, what is she doing here?" Louis asked, clearly annoyed. " Well, she was the one I met at the cinema, remember?" Liam told Louis like it was the most obvious thing in the world. The other boys just stood there awkwardly fidling with their fingers.

" Okay, well, I am going to head off." I said as I grabbed my bag which I had left of the sofa. Niall quickly jumped in front of me and stopped me. " Please don't go, you just got here, I haven't even had a converation with you yet!" He begged. I couldn't help but laugh. Then I noticed that Louis was still here, staring daggers at me and Niall.

" What are you staring at Louis?" I snapped and he broke his stare. " Nothing, just judging you." He said calmly. what the hell. " Oh really, so, what do you think?" I spread my arms out and curtsied.

" Okay, If you really want to know. I think that you are a ugly, annoying, slutty bitch." He said, his voice rising every second. I felt a tear prick my eye, threatening to flow out. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to conceal the pain that was cutting at my heart. 

" I..I..." I couldn't think of anything to say so I just stopped. Why did this hurt me so bad? I shouldn't care what he says, but somehow it did. " Woah, woah!" Liam yelled. He walked up to Louis until he was around 1cm away. Liam looked like he could have killed Louis right then and there and I really wanted him to, but something in me told me to try and stop him. So thats what I did. I  quickly walked up to them and put my hand on Liam's chest. I pushed him away from Louis. 

" It's okay Liam, It doesn't matter." I said quietly. Liam immediately unclenched his fists. Liam put his arms around me and I cuddled up into his chest. " I am so sorry." he whispered into my ear. Tears started to pour down my face. 

Louis' POV

My heart shattered. I felt a weird sensation that seemed to burn deep down. It hurt so bad to see Christy hurt. Why was this happening? I looked up to Liam who had Christy in his arms. He looked up at me, anger burning in his eyes. 

" I'll deal with you later" Liam mouthed. I slipped my coat back on and slammed out of the house and into the streets. 

Christy's POV

I broke out of Liam's embrace and wiped the mascara that was smudging off my face. I needed to leave, I needed to get out of this situation. I needed to get out of Liam's life. I pushed Liam away and grabbed my coat. I could tell that he was trying to stop me so when his hand came down on my shoulder I just shrugged it off. It was his fault. Louis, I mean, not Liam. Liam was perfect, but Louis jst had to ruin it all just when I though there might have actually been something between us. Louis tends to ruin a lot of things, my family and my life just to name a few.

" Please don't go Christy, This is only our second date and I definately don't want it to be our last." Liam begged. I spun around and smiled sadly at him. "I can't deal with Louis right now." I whispered. Liam frowned. " Please, Louis is not here right now, the other boys have gone to look for him and he probably won't be back for a couple of hours. I'm here if you need somebody to talk to." Liam said gently. My heart skipped a beat, Liam was so sweet, I couldn't help the 'fine' that somehow popped out of my mouth without even consulting my brain.

Liam's georgeous face erupted with a huge grin. I couldn't help but smile back. He lead me to the sofa where I sat down. Liam then sprinted into the kitchen and within a couple of minutes he was back with a cup of tea. He bowed and handed it to me. " For you my highness" He said in a posh accent. I laughed and thanked him.

" So, how do you guys know each other?" Liam asked me curiously. I didn't really want to talk about it but didn't know what to say. " Well, we used to know each other, he moved next door to me when I was around 6 or something like that." I said. That is the story, but not all of it.

" Why do you guys hate each other so much?" Liam asked then corrected himself " No, don't worry if it is personal then you don't have to tell me." I smiled weakly. " Well, he sort of tore apart my family." I said the words slowly and soon new tears sprung to my eyes. I meekly wiped them away. " I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to push you." Liam said and once again wrapped my up in his warm arms.

" Its okay" I whispered into his chest. " I won't let Louis hurt you again, Christy. And you can tell me when you are ready." He empathised and tightened his grip around me. When I was in his arms I felt safe, really safe. There didn't seem to be any worries, or fears. But there was a strange feelig poking at my heart and somehow the only person I could think about was Louis.


TWIST! haha, well, what do you think is going on here???;) Anyway all my exams are done.... YAHOOO! And my holiday starts tomorrow at 12! MUY BIEN!  Personally i think this chapter was really bad.. but heyhoo..


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