Stripes Girl and Braces Boy

Christiania had a loving family and everything in her life was great, she had good grades and was popular school, then a boy called Louis Tomlinson moved in next door. They became close. When CJ was 16 her dad left to go fight in Afghanistan, he never came back. CJ began to hated Louis for a reason which he didn't know. Louis began to fight back and they never spoke again. When they where 18 CJ moved away.She changed her name to Christy and tried to forget her old life. Their changed paths and never heard form each other again. 2 years later 20 year old Christiana meets a boy on Facebook, she doesn't know his name or what he looks like, just that he is 21 and is profile picture is a faceless man wearing stripy braces.
off, they got alone great and loved to chatted over Facebook anytime they could. She thinks he is going to be a handsome, loving boy who will love her to bits when they meet. What happens when he isn't who she thinks he is and her past comes crashing towards her?


29. But if you close your eyes..

Christy’s POV

‘It all lead up to Louis'

I slammed my notebook shut with fear, no, no, no. I attempted to shake the long lost memories out of my head; the painful memories that made me cry myself to sleep every night, the ones that were full of the joy that I would never feel again.

The knock on the door came quickly and to my surprise, none of the boys dared to talk to me when I was sad or pissed off, I was more of the ‘suffer alone and in silence’ kind of girl.  The only person I knew that was brave enough to talk to me when I was like this and it was the last person I wanted to see right now. Louis fucking Tomlinson


“Can I come it Christy?” he asked quietly. “ No, you can’t fucking come in.” I spat back, the door opened anyway and I frowned at the person behind it. “ I said you COULDN’T come it you dick!” I yelled and attempted to throw a pillow at the door to slam it shut, but with no luck, it failed.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone right now, especially not you!” I growled at him as he took a step closer. “ I know you say that, but deep inside you just want to let it all out and I want you to know I’m here for you.” He said the last couple words silently, then muttered something lightly under his breathe.


Louis’ POV

“I know you say that, but deep inside you just want to let it all out and I want you to know that I’m here for you.” I told her, I bet she didn’t know the times I was there for her, the times that I had stood up for her or helped her, the times I had just put her in front of anything that was important to me “I always was and I always will be.” I muttered quietly under my breath, not sure if I wanted her to hear or not. She just stared back at me in shock.


Christy’s POV

What did he just say? He has been here for me? When has that happened? When was he ever there for me? I thought deep and hard about it… when had he EVER  been there for me?

“Please explain to me, when have you ever been there for me? Since I got here, all you have been doing is being a twat, which you are very good at by the way.” I asked him, as tears of anger streamed down my face. His eyes widened and then crinkled up in confusion." You honestly don't know?" He said, his eyes Also filling with tears.  " you don't fucking know what I've done for you?" He raised his voice. I shook my head. " I have no fucking idea!" I yelled back at him. A silent tear streaking down his face.

" I brought you to bed all those time you fell asleep on the sofa, all the times you went out with liam and got pissed, I helped you home. You were cold in the night and I gave you my blanket, you were on your period and I made you soup, Liam cheated on you and I stood up for you!" He screamed, the words pierced my skin cut up my heart when I realised that every word he just said was true. " but... liam! I.." I couldn't think of what to say I thought liam did all that, confusion filled my mind, " and what have you ever done for me?" He asked, tears now slowly falling down his tan cheeks and hitting the wooden floor with a tiny tap. 
"I'm sorry." The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them, he had done so much for me and I've treated him like crap. I began to cry, the anger in his eyes disappeared and he ran to my side, wrapping his arms around me and slowly rubbing circles in my back. " it's all right CJ, it was my fault, I'm sorry" 
My tears stained his shirt as he kept rubbing my back, making me something I had never felt before. 
Suddenly he did something I wasn't expecting, he started to sing. 
"If you close your eyes, 
does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all,
but if you close your eyes, 
does it almost feel like you've been here before- or...
His words sank into me and made my eyes droop, the song brought back so many unwanted memories that caused me to fall into a haunting dream.

I slowly made my way down the stair when I heard my mum crying. She was sitting on the sofa, head in her hands, sobbing like her life depended on it. I would have ran to her if I hadn't seen the my fathers suitcase sitting on the table, full of clothes. " Dad?" I asked, my voice shaking with worry. He looked up at me and smiled gravely. 
"Where are you going daddy?" I asked, not sure I wanted to know the answer as tears were spilling from my face.  
" I'm going to help our country darling." He gave me the same smile again. I didn't really hit me un till I saw army clothes on the top of his suitcase, folded neatly next to a photo me and and my mother. " no." I whispered as I fell to the floor. " I'll be back before you know it kiddo." He tried to sound brave to cheer me up. But it just made me feel worse. " he did this didn't be?" I yelled, now viciously angry. " did what?" My Dad asked confused. " this, He was the one that wanted you do go and fight." I screamed, cheeks going red with anger as even more tear flooded out my eyes like they were Niagra falls. " Christia-" he tried to calm me down but it didn't work. 
"Dont do this, please, I can't live without you daddy, don't do this." I begged, on my knees pulling at his feet like a little girl. Suddenly the door burst open,  Louis stood there, a wicked smile plastered on his face. 
" why hello Cj." He smiled, his eyes were completely dark, there was no emotions at all, he was just a cruel, dark,
Empty shell that fed of misery. " why did you do this, why did you do this to me?" I cried, trying to get off my feet. Everything around me seemed to have frozen, my mother stopped crying and just sat her a still Position, my dad just stood completely still like a mannequin. " because I like the way you react." He laughed his despicably. " I like to see you in pain." He took something black out of his pocket, he walked closer and closer to my dad, his eyes never leaving mine. " Please don't do this, please!" I cried but he just keep moving closer to my father who seemed to be celeb in time. The object in Louis hand became clear as his hand nearly mad contact with my fathers heads. Suddenly a gunshot pierced the silence and my faster fell back into the darkness that had now swallowed the floor.


Right, that was quite the log chappie and you a little piece of the story of what Louis did!!:) and don't worry. Louis did NOT KILL ANYONE!

I have a lot of explaining to do,the problem we has had with movellas is due to our school So we emailed the icy people who are attempting to help us with it, Therefore I may be while before be next update. Then again if my friends wifi hotspot it working again I could use that to update. Anyway, so that's the problem, just wanted you to know so you were completely in the dark on what has been happening and why I haven't updated in AGES.
Thanks so much for going through this with me, it means so much xx x :) 
Ginormous love
 El x
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