Stripes Girl and Braces Boy

Christiania had a loving family and everything in her life was great, she had good grades and was popular school, then a boy called Louis Tomlinson moved in next door. They became close. When CJ was 16 her dad left to go fight in Afghanistan, he never came back. CJ began to hated Louis for a reason which he didn't know. Louis began to fight back and they never spoke again. When they where 18 CJ moved away.She changed her name to Christy and tried to forget her old life. Their changed paths and never heard form each other again. 2 years later 20 year old Christiana meets a boy on Facebook, she doesn't know his name or what he looks like, just that he is 21 and is profile picture is a faceless man wearing stripy braces.
off, they got alone great and loved to chatted over Facebook anytime they could. She thinks he is going to be a handsome, loving boy who will love her to bits when they meet. What happens when he isn't who she thinks he is and her past comes crashing towards her?


7. A Different Christy.

Liam's POV

" Oh God, shut up!" Harry yelled as he threw a pillow at me from the other side of the room. " All this talk about your dream girl is REALLY killing me!" he screamed as he grabbed his cup of tea and fled from the room.

" Don't worry mate, he is just jelous." Niall reasured as he patted me on the back. " Yeah, she seems really nice!" Louis added, smiling at me. I am so glad the boys are happy for me, I guess the reason the Harry seemed so pissed at me for bragging about Christy was because I had been talking about her for 2 days straight. I couldn't get her out of my head. It was like she was always there, in the back of my mind, whatever I did. I wasn't complaining, I really liked her.

"So, you never told us her name!" Zayn smirked at me. I laughed. " Her name is Christy." I told them. Niall and Zayn where smiling wildly at me but Louis seemed frozen. " Nice name!" Niall said as he got up and headed towards the kitchen. " Yeah!" Zayn agreed. I looked at Louis, expecting him to say something but he just sat there frozen. What was up with him?

Louis POV

Christy.... Christy. Shit. Did he mean my Christy? Wait.. why did I just say My Christy. I hate her. She can throw herself at whoever she wants. Why do I care? Thats right I dont care. No. I don't.

"Lou?" Liam's confused voice came from in front of me. I imediately snapped out of my thoughs and looked at him. "What?" I snapped. Liam raised his eyebrows. " Are you okay Tommo?" He asked.  I tried to shake the thoughs out of my head but it wasnt working.

" I'm going to make some tea." I stated as I got up and entered the kitchen. " Hey can you get me one?" Zayn asked from the living room. " No." I growled then mentally slapped myself straight after the words escaped my lips. " I mean, sure." I tried to say happily.. What was wrong with me? I quickly grabbed the tea bag and boiled the water. I waited a minute untill the kettle had boiled and poured the water into two mugs with tea bags in them. I added the milk then stirred untill the it changed to a brown colour. It could be a different Christy. I said to myself. It could always have been a different Christy. I picked up the cups and carried then to where Zayn and Liam was sitting. I carefully placed them down yet a couple drops of coffee still managed to spill out over the edge. I cursed and wiped it up with my sleeve.

" Are you okay Louis?" Liam asked concered.  I nodded. " Are you sure? You've suddenly been acting a little stressed." I shook my head and took a sip of my tea. There was a long silence.

"Can we watch some TV?" Zayn asked as he grabbed the remote and hovered his thumb over the on button. The boys all looked at me. " Sure" I grunted.


Christy's POV

I grabbed Katie's hands and swung her around. " I'm getting really dizzy Christy!" She reminded me and I let go of her hands and fell back on my bed.

" He was so amazing, Katie!" I gushed. Katie frowned. " You have been talking about him for two days straight! Just call him already!" She begged.

"I can't call him! I don't have his number, plus it will seem like I am desperate!" I pointed out. " But you are desperate!" Came Katie's reply. I threw a pillow at her and she laughed.

"So, when are you going to go on another date with this Liam guy? Katie asked me as she flopped herseelf down on the space next to me. " I don't know.. Soon I hope, I really want him to call.." I was stopped by thrift shop blasting out of my phone which was on my desk.

"OMG!" I screamed as I threw myself off my bed and snached my phone off the table. There was a random number on the phone and I freaked out. " It's him!" I yelled at Katie in excitment.

" Hey!" I said casually into the phone after I had hit accept.

 "Hey, This is Liam!" Came the reply. Omg, it really was him.

" Hey Liam!" I tried to act cool and leaned back on a chair. It fell over and I tripped over. " Are you okay?" Liam asked confused from the other end of the phone. He must have heard the chair falling, shoot. " Yeah, Im peachy." I cringed. Nice choice of words Christy! I shushed Katie who seemed to be crying in laugher.


Liam's POV

" Okay, 7 oclock tomorrow! Thats awesome. Cool, I'll text you the adress!" I finished the conversation and hung up. I threw my phone at Niall and jumped in happiness!

" Ow!" Niall murmered as my Iphone hit him in the chest. I laughed. " Man up Niall! I'm going on another date with Christy!!!" I yelled and hugged Louis. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Where are you guys going?" He asked.

"Oh, nowhere, she is coming over here!" I jumped for joy and quicklu retrieved my phone from Niall who was still rubbing the spot where my phone had hit him. I speed texted Christy the adress and chuck the my phone back at Niall. Who again winced as it hit him.

" Wait.. she is coming here?" Louis seemed shocked and angry. Did he have  a problem with that?

" Is that okay?" I asked, why would he mind? I couldnt think of a single reason. Not a single one.

" Yeah, just perfect." He grumbled and stormed out of the living room for the second time today.


Thats the end of this chapter! Quite a lot of drama! I am so sorry for not updating sooner, This week I am having 7 tests...... I already have had 2 and have 4 tomorrow so I am dedicating my revision time to do this for you! See how much I care!!!!! <3!


Thanks so much for reading


El xoxox

Remember: SMile :D

P.S: The results for the 1D 1Shot this is nearly out! Good luck to everybody that entered! Fingers Crossed! - If you haven't read mine and Avery's already please do so! Its called He Forgot!!!

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