Falling For Him

Louis Tomilinson, meets a young girl at his door. The girl is named Brooke and she instantly falls for him. That girl changes his life.


12. Why Zayn

Brooke's P.O.V.

Zayn was standing in our living room with a gun, pointed at us. ''Zayn, please drop the gun.'' Liam calmly said. Zayn pointed at Louis. ''You're first. You stopped the kiss.'' he said. With that, he shot. ''LOUIS!!!'' I shouted. I bent next to him. Liam walked up to Zayn, ''Zayn! Really? That's it!'' he shouted. Then, a bang, and he dropped to the floor. Niall and Harry were about to storm forward, but I ran in front, stopping them. I saved them, but I felt a pain, he got me. I dropped down, and blacked out.

Harry's P.O.V.

I saw him shoot Louis, Liam, then Brooke. ''You two don't have the guts to stop me.'' He said, turning around. I saw Niall run and tackle him. I ran up and grabbed the gun. I pointed it at Zayn. Niall got up to call the cops. ''Why Zayn?'' I asked. He just laughed. Then, he kicked my legs, causing me to fall. When I fell, I hit my head hard. I saw Niall run up, but it was a blur. Then, I saw nothing but blackness.

Niall's P.O.V.

I was alone, with Zayn, everyone, down on the ground, out cold. I was kneeling next to Harry. I turned and saw Zayn approaching me. I picked up the gun. ''Stay away!'' I yelled. He chuckled, ''You don't scare me.'' He stuck his foot out, and with that, he kicked me in the gut. I doubled over in pain. He picked up the gun I dropped, and shot my leg. I could hear him run off before I passed out.

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