Falling For Him

Louis Tomilinson, meets a young girl at his door. The girl is named Brooke and she instantly falls for him. That girl changes his life.


11. Why Are You Here

Harry's P.O.V.

I spent the day with Stephanie. She was nice. She didn't go all crazy fangirl like she could've. My day was amazing. Especially when someone very dear to me showed up. My younger sister Christine. I was watching tv with Louis, when the doorbell rang. ''I'll get it.'' I yelled. ''Hey Harry.'' A voice said as I opened it. ''Christine?'' I gasped when I saw my younger sister. She looked so grown up. ''I missed you.'' She said hugging me. ''I did too.'' I told her. ''But why are you here?'' She smiled and said. ''I came to visit my big brother.'' I smiled. I really did miss her. A lot.

Brooke's P.O.V.

I decided to take a walk. I needed to get out. The snow crunched under my boots. I pulled my scarf tighter around my neck.  Once in a while, there'd be a bitterly cold breeze. I kept my head down to keep it away from my face. I walked about ten minutes, then got really cold and walked back. ''Hey babe.'' Louis said kissing my cheek as I walked in. ''Cold?'' he asked. I nodded and took off my coat and boots. ''I guess I won't be going anywhere then.'' he began taking off his jacket too. ''What do you want to do?'' he asked. ''Sleep.'' I muttered. He nodded. ''Ok.'' I trudged upstairs. I lay there for a while thinking, soon I fall asleep. I suddenly bolt up. I heard a noise. Louis and the boys did too obviously because they were already out of bed. We walked down stairs and heard something shatter. ''I think someone broke in'' I whisper. Liam nods, ''Sounds like it.'' When we get down, we creep around. In the living room, we spot a man. He turns around and says, ''Nobody move!'' we all stand still because that man has a gun, that man.... is Zayn.

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