Falling For Him

Louis Tomilinson, meets a young girl at his door. The girl is named Brooke and she instantly falls for him. That girl changes his life.


19. Chasing

Louis' P.O.V.

It's been 3 days since Brooke left and everyone seems depressed. Even Christine and Stephanie. They won't talk to me either. Harry's been keeping to himself until today. ''Louis.'' he says, walking into my room. ''I think we should look for Brooke.'' he tells me. ''Why?" i ask. ''She-she won't answer any of us.'' ''That's odd.'' I say. He nods. I get up and walk to the door, "Boys and Girls! We're finding Brooke!'' I shout. Then, they rush out of their rooms. ''Good. I'm worried.'' Liam tells us. We slip on our winter gear and head out the door. ''Where to first?'' Niall asks. ''Her flat.'' I answer. We run through the busy streets, snow falling to the ground. I let myself in and walk to the living room. ''BROOKE!'' I shout out. No answer. I see the boys split and search. They return, sadly. ''She's not here.'' Harry says. We leave the flat. ''Now where?'' ''The hotel.'' I say. We push through the people in the streets and burst into the lobby of the hotel. ''Is there a Brooke Scott staying?'' I ask frantically. The man checks the system and shakes his head, ''I'm sorry. No.'' I sigh. Then, my phone rings. ''Hello?'' I answer. ''Louis, p-please help.'' I hear Brooke's shaky voice whisper. ''Babe, what happened? Where are you?'' I ask. ''Z-Zayn has me. In the old m-motel.'' she stutters. Then, I hear a shout, '''Hey! What are you doing?'' It was Zayn shouting. Brooke said one more thing before hanging up, ''Hurry.'' I hung up, breathing heavy. ''Mate, what's wrong?'' Harry asks. I breath deeply, ''Zayn has Brooke at the old motel.'' I tell them. We rush out of the hotel and run as fast as we can to the motel. I open every door. ''There's one more.'' Niall shouts. I rush over to it and pound on it. ''Let her go!'' I scream. Then, I hear Brooke scream. I slam my shoulder against the door and it barely moves. ''Help me!'' I yell. The guys and girls both rush to the door and begin throwing themselves at it. Finally, the door bursts open. ''Let her go!'' Stephanie shouts, running towards Zayn. Zayn laughs and pushes her away. I see Brooke laying on the bed, her mouth covered. I tackle Zayn and keep him on the ground. ''Harry, keep him down!'' I shout. He immediately sat on Zayn. I ran to Brooke. ''It's gonna be alright.'' I soothingly tell her. I peel the tape off her mouth and untie her hands. She hugs me, tears streaming down her face. ''Thank you so much.'' she sobs. I pull out my phone and call the cops.


''He won't be hurting you anymore.'' the officer tells us. I turn to see Zayn sitting in the back of the squad car. ''Thank you sir.'' I say as he leaves. He climbs in and drives off. I pull Brooke close, ''Don't ever leave me again. Because I love you.'' I tell her. ''I love you too.'' she says kissing my lips. I turn to see Harry and Stephanie plopped down on the ground, Stephanie's head on Harry's shoulder. ''Thank you again for saving me.'' Brooke says. I smile, ''I would do anything for you.''


CREDIT: I would like to give credit to stefferrs(:: who gave me the idea for this amazing chapter! Thank you Stephanie!

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