Falling For Him

Louis Tomilinson, meets a young girl at his door. The girl is named Brooke and she instantly falls for him. That girl changes his life.


2. Aftermath

Brooke's P.O.V.

I woke up in that boy's lap, tired from our late night. I looked around the room, everything quiet. Obviously the rest are asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back, Niall was there poking Louis. ''Louis. Louis. Louis. LOUIS!'' he yelled. ''Wha'' Louis groggily asked. ''Hey'' he said when he saw you. ''Who are you?'' Niall asked confused. I walked up and said, ''I'm Brooke. Louis and I went out last night.'' Niall smiled and asked, ''Can you cook?'' I nodded. ''Then get on in there and make the Nialler some pancakes!'' he laughed. I giggled and went in the kitchen. Louis followed and watched as I carefully poured the batter in  a pan. When I was done, I gave the first to Niall. He ate it, smiled and ran up to me. ''Best pancakes EVER!!'' he exclaimed while hugging me. ''Glad you like them.'' I said gasping for air. ''Sorry.'' he mumbled and let go. I grabbed one and Louis did the same. When Liam, Zayn and Harry met me, they grabbed one too. ''Mmmm.'' Liam mumbled with pancake in his mouth. ''The best.'' I smiled at him. I was beginning to enjoy their company.

Liam's P.O.V.

It was true. Those WERE the best pancakes I had ever had. I liked this girl. Louis had picked a good one. When I finished ONE pancake, Niall finished his fourth. ''Thank you.'' We all said in unison. Brooke smiled again. It was a beautiful smile. A perfect white one. I noticed she had makeup smudged on her cheek. ''Brooke, you have something here.'' I said and wiped her cheek. She blushed a bright pink. ''Thanks Liam.'' she kindly said. I flashed a grin. ''Back off Liam. She's mine.'' Louis yelled with a laugh. At least we were all happy. Sometimes, we get lonely and it's nice to have a new friend. One as kind and beautiful as Brooke.

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