It was on the script

Tiffany is Harry's ex girl friend and belmarie's supposed to be friend but will bel(belmarie) keep with the lies the heart break or tell the world her crush for one of the guys of one direction .......find out know


2. trying my best

i got to the huge building were there were lights fans and all alot of important people.

i walked in side and was qiuckly seated. I greeted kimberly who was the one who was gonna ask questions and all that stuff.

we started the show after a good 10 minutes and talked about my family and tiffany who then came out and tried acting hot like if there were a boy that she liked there.

Kimberly then asked if I was working for Tiffany any more and before i could say anything Tiffany butted in say that I was still working for her.i rolled my eyes and spoke up.

"Actually im not working for her and i'm glad cause all she did was make my life terrible and all she did was lie lie to me and to non other but ex boyfriend Harry styles which was whith him cause i fell in crazy love but she made me see that there are no real friends in the world just enemies you havent got to know."

i took a deep breath and smiled.

Tiffany nodded like if something were to happen but what i did'nt know was that Harry Styles was back stage wait to be called out.

"well now that you mentioned Harry Styles lets give a hand of alpose to the boys ONE DIRECTION.

my heart sank and broke to millions of pieces and sticked back together whith school glue,

he looked at me and smiled very widley.

i looked away but then felt one of them hug me and kiss my cheek and they all did that.

they sat across from me.

as the show went on i would look every now and then to Harry but i mostly laught cause of the things kimberly said till she got deep in the relation ships...


"well know that Belmarie is insanly in love with Harry we would like to know if you woul ever like to go out with her."

kimberly smiled and looked at harry and I.


"Well i have known her for a long time and shes the funnies grates person you could ever meet and well my answer would about a big YES."

my eyes shot up to him and blushed like crazy.

"well then mr.harry we have a little something for you,its a cruise for 1 month to the caribean and florida and we have 2 tickets one for you and the other one for Belmarie,you both are booked for tomarrow.and i hope you go."


"will do kimberly."they all looked at me and waited for me to say the same but I never answered the just all laughed and said"she will also go."

But i wasnt going any were without my mother no matter what.

After the show i left nd went striaght home.

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