It was on the script

Tiffany is Harry's ex girl friend and belmarie's supposed to be friend but will bel(belmarie) keep with the lies the heart break or tell the world her crush for one of the guys of one direction .......find out know


1. The fight

-Belmarie's pov- As you all know I'm tiffanys supposed BFF we've all ways have been together even though she treats me like shit.But know I'm tired of this and that's why I'm at here house Harry and Louis are there and well what can I say today is not here day I Harry just broke up with her and I'm gonna tell here that I'm not gonna be able to keep with her bullshit."but Harry why are you leaving me"Tiffany said with not a tear in her eyes.she sickens me as I managed to interup I said " Tiffany I'm not putting up any more with your..your.."Louis interrupted "bullsht,crap,retartedness.."."exactly so I'm turning in every thing and good luck with your life....really good luck."as I said those last words I walked out feeling better like if I had tooken 200,000 tons of my I got in my car some one knocked on it as I looked at the window Tiffany was there.I push the button to make lower down "yes Tiffany." I said unoyed please belmarie you know I can't be with out you not you your my life."as she said that I felt bad but no I'm not gonna keep making my life misserable "Yeah cause I'm the one who's in charge of your fam life I do every thing and I sick and tired of this. Sorry Tiffany better luck next cant keep up with this.


i droveoff and got to my house getting ready for the inter view i wa going in about half in hour.

i got ready and stopped by at my moms house to make sure that she was ok and didnt need anything of knowing that she had skin cancer.

as i told her that i finally stood up for my self she smiled and hugged me and said the world "i knew you could do it hun.!"

"I knew you would be happy and thts what i wanted to do before you left my side.'' bye that time my eyes were watery.

''yes but there is also my biggest wish of you having a family or at least having a boyfriend who is a good person for you.'' she smiled at me and hugged me i started to cry kowing what she wanted me too do.


she was the only one who knew that i had the biggest crush on Harry Styles,her best friends son.

yes anne and my mom are best friends and they spend every day together.

ilooked at thye clock it was time for me too go.i kissed my moms forhead and hugged her.

''mom i have too go...''

''promise me you tell the tuthabout whatyou think about him.''


i thought about it over and over again,i took a deep breath and mummbled the word''i promise mom if it makes you happy.''


i hugged her one last time and headed to my car nervous knowing that tiffany was goimg too be there and a special some one but i had no idea who was that special somebody.

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