♥Love Bites♥ (One direction ♥ Story)

When Gabriela Anderson Comes back to England the place were she was turned into a beast. her heart tells her that she came here for something even though her heart can't beat no more. One day she goes to Starbucks to a job interview and was a bands new hairstylist (which turned out to be One Direction). As she gets to know them, she gets feelings that might mean that she fell in Love with 4 Brittish boys and and one Irish. But could she keep all of the hunger for their blood? will she tell the boys what she is?


2. ♥meeting them♥

I was so excited that I just didn't go to hunt in the forest with the other girls. I tried to go to sleep but it didn't work so just wanted to search the boys that I am working for. A whole bunch of results came out saying that One direction is going to have a tour to North America I just can't wait.

Harry's POV

It was morning already only eight days until the tour began and we need to meet our stylist which our manager said we are going to Love. Our manager always says that and never is like our last stylist she tried to shave all of my hair. I don't know what I would do without thats what makes me look my best, so then we are having a new hair stylist because of that. 

Gaby's POV

I rushed into the car and drove away. I turned on the radio and switch through all the stations and little things by one direction played and kind of sang along the song because it was so good. when I got there I felt like my heart would beat again but not at all, when I opened the doors to the studio I was just amazed at seeing them and then all of the sudden I smelled blood. I felt hunger..... oh oh........ the boy with the curls and greenish eyes had a cut and that made me just want to jump him over and drink every pint of blood in his system. Then some man came in and introduced me all of the boys to me. One of the boys said "hi I'm Harry Styles"the other one said "Vas happening I'm Zayn Malik" the other one said "Hi I'm Niall Horan." then the other said "WELL HELLO THERE I'M LOUIS TOMLINSON" and then the last one said "Hello there Love I'm Liam Payne" I finally said " Heee....llo I'm sorry I'm Gabriela Anderson but you can call me Gaby." Then harry said "the only question I have is that would you shave my hair ""do you want me to,""No, no, no" when we talked for a while and it got a little late. Harry said "want to sleep over with us""sure" So went home graved something to wear and drove away.


author's NOTE

sorry I am like big time busy and I just never had time. So One little spoiler Gaby is going to be with Harry and the other guys are single so...... I you just tell your name one of the boys and if you want to be a Vampire, Fairy, Werewolf, Mermaid, or Angel.

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