♥Love Bites♥ (One direction ♥ Story)

When Gabriela Anderson Comes back to England the place were she was turned into a beast. her heart tells her that she came here for something even though her heart can't beat no more. One day she goes to Starbucks to a job interview and was a bands new hairstylist (which turned out to be One Direction). As she gets to know them, she gets feelings that might mean that she fell in Love with 4 Brittish boys and and one Irish. But could she keep all of the hunger for their blood? will she tell the boys what she is?


1. Fining a job

As I walk through the streets of London looking for the Starbucks a man told me to come to. When I found the place it was not that full of humans in there so that was good for me not to be all mad and ruin another job interview. As I reach the man and we started talking and he said "Hello so you want a job because I only have one if you know how to do the Job,""Well maybe I know that I might get this one""well you want something before and then maybe we could talk,""Well today I'm not in a rush so sure." I didn't like the man already he just kept me waiting. Until we were done he finally said "Are you good at doing hair?""yes""okay so then I have a job for you as a hair stylist for a band their name is One Direction, a UK boy band. They will be in a tour very soon and we need a new hair stylist and you came up and I just thought you might be good at that" he said. I am so good doing hair I have done it sense 1712 which I was just 12 years old. I said yes and he told me to fill a bunch of papers and asked me a few questions and at last he told me I got the job. The last thing he told me was that I would meet the boys at the studio and get to know them. For I felt happy that came here it might just be a sign that this job might cover for a while from all vampire hunters. 

I rushed to my flat were I lived with my two BFFs Andrea(a.k.a- Andy) and Jenna (a.k.a.-Jen). "So How was how was your interview"  said Jen " I got the job"I replied " You know it's your 10000........ wait you said you got the job" I just nodded and then she said " OMG.......... wait do you have to travel around the world"" Well we start i n the UK then we leave to North America,""So whats the job again,""A hairstylist for a boy band named One Direction From the UK" both Andy and went crazy. Then Andy said " So when are you meeting them""Tomorrow"" You so need to go shopping today pronto chica!!!".

we rushed to the mall and went to Victorias Secret and the to forever 21 and then my fav GAP (which are My actual initials). finally we went the store that I haven't been in years Jack Wills. when we were done we went back to our flat and drank our animal blood.

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