All I Want Is You |Niall Horan|

Live for the moment, because you never know when it could all end.


9. Chapter 9


Getting ready to leave for the Tour.

Leah's PoV

"Promise me that you will behave, and most of all have fun." I told Bailey. Since I was going on tour with the boys I had allowed her to go and stay with some friends at a lake house.

"I know I know. I promise I will behave and have fun." She said, Niall came down the stairs and chuckled.

"You better have fun and behave, if you don't I don't think Leah will be the most fun person to be around." He had set Bailey's suitcase down next to her and had his arms wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Shut up." I muttered. I blushed but hid my face in his chest. I quickly recovered myself, and pulled away from him. I walked over to my younger sister and give her a hug. "I'm gonna miss you Bay." I said to her. She hugged me back.

"I'm gonna miss you too." She said to me. She pulled away. "Hey but I don't want you spending all the time while you are on tour, with 5 of the most beautiful living human beings on the face of the earth, living the dream, and playing all across the world, worrying about me. Got it?" She asked me and I nodded my head. She looked over to Niall. "hey Nialler, make sure she has some fun will you?" She said to him, he beamed.

"Oh I will. Trust me on that." He said, Bailey started laughing. I still can't believe how she got that he was being dirty minded, I swear she was growing up really fast.

"I'm going to miss you Nialler." She said to him, she hugged him. He hugged her back, I was happy how they got along so well, it would have been awkward and bad if my boyfriend and little sister didn't like each other.

"I'm going to miss you too Bailey," He told her and they pulled away from the hug.

We all said our goodbyes, and her friends mum picked her up, I had a feeling that this was going to be a really good summer.

"Come on we have to start packing! We are going to Germany for 4 days!!" Angie yelled through the door to me. It had been 2 days since Bailey left and we were headed off to Germany for some interviews and a show, plus a day off. Niall and Zayn had promised to take Angie and I out, and let me tell you, we were both looking forward too it.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I yelled back, as I walked towards the door.

"Okay so I have packed all my clothes, and everything else I need, but since you are going to be performing I talked to Kyleigh and she said that we are going to put you in outfits from her collection. You will look great, so all we need to pack for you are outfits for the plane ride and casual things." She explained to me. I have to admit, having my best friend as my stylist aka manager type thing is really nice, but Angie was always the kind of person who when being in charge, was in charge.

No one said other wise. I just nodded my head while she went over to the closet and picked out a bunch of clothes for me. I sighed and layed on my bed, unplugging my phone from it's charger, and decided to text Niall.

To Nialler<3
hey x

I sighed and listened to Angie go on about the importance of matching as I waited for my phone to buzz,

From Nialler<3
Hey babe how r u? xx

To Nialler<3
Pretty good getting excited for Germany, Are you and the boys going to pick me up for the interview later today?

From Nialler<3
Yupp be there around 1, we r announcing that ur our opening act it will be fun dont be nervous. I'll be there. xx

To Nialler<3
Okay.. Im still going to be nervous though, see you in a couple hours, Ang is dragging me away, love you. Xxx

From Nialler<3
there is nothing to be worried about, and okay Love you more xxx.

I smiled his text, and Angie dragged me into the bathroom.

"So," She started, "What are we going to do with your hair..." She said with an evil genius look on her face.

"Wow." I breathed. Looking at my finished look. Angie had let my hair curl naturally down my back. I was wearing skinny jeans with uggs. I had on a white shirt that said "Live Laugh Love" and a black cardigan with a scarf. Angie stepped back and with a smile on her face said.

"Well my work here is done. Zayn just texted me saying that they would be here in 10 minutes so get your bag together, and be ready to leave." She said as she walked out of the bathroom. I rolled my eyes. I went to my back into my bedroom and got my things, after I got everything back together I went to the living room and I was shocked to see all the boys, Kyleigh and Angie standing around waiting for me.

"Its about time." Louis said. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Niall. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You look beautiful. You always do." He said into my hair, I blushed.

"Okay how about we get going?" Liam said. Everyone nodded in agreement. And we left.

*Time Skip*

"Well its been great having you boys, and it had been wicked learning more about you Leah." Jen, the interviewer said to us. The interview was almost over and we were heading to catch our flight to Germany in a few hours.

We said goodbye and headed to the airport. Paul had all our luggage in the car. So once we got to the airport we would head to the private plane ad head to Germany. A 3 hour flight plus a one hour time difference. So we would get there around 9pm. Niall, Zayn and Liam were taking us girls out to dinner. We were all excited.

The flight wasn't that long. I slept the whole time. The girls and I got changed. We were ready in about an hour. The boys knocked on our door.

"You girls ready?" Niall asked through the door. I rolled my eyes.

"You know it takes a lot of work to look the way we do." Kyleigh said back, Angie and I started laughing. We went and opened the door. The boys mouths were dropped in shock. Angie takes her hand and closes Zayn's and chuckled.

"You guys look..." Zayn started.

"Beautiful." Liam stated.

We blushed and the boys took our hands and we all headed down to the restaurant in the hotel.

We were all eating and having fun, talking and joking around when my phone rang. It was Bailey's friends mum. I decided to answer it.

"Be right back." I said to everyone and got up from the table and went into the ladies room. "Nancy?" I said. She sounded like she was crying.

"Leah.. Its B-Bailey.. She is in the hospital, she drowned..." She told me, her voice trembling. I felt my eyes widen.


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