All I Want Is You |Niall Horan|

Live for the moment, because you never know when it could all end.


5. Chapter 5


Leah's PoV

I wake up the next morning in my bed. Niall was next to me. No we didn't do anything, but it was late, Angie and Zayn had the car, and I couldn't leave Bailey alone again. I look at the clock. It was 6am. I had gotten 4 hours of sleep. Work was going to be fun today.

I get out of bed, careful not to wake Niall up. Bailey had school today and she had to get ready. I go to her room and wake her up, she is hard to get up in the morning.

"Come on Bai, you have school." She doesn't move. "You can brag about your sister dating Niall Horan and meeting One Direction." I say and that gets her up and going, she runs to her closet and grabs an outfit running into the bathroom and slamming the door.

She was sure energetic this morning. I look at the clock again. 6:15, I have to be at work at 10. I really didn't want to go. I go out into the kitchen and prepare some food for Bailey, making some breakfast for Niall, he will probably be hungry. Although, when ISN'T he hungry.

I smile at that thought. I made some bacon and pancakes, they were pretty simple. I wanted some coffee, in fact I needed some coffee. The food was almost done and it was about 6:35. I was going to have to wake Niall up if he wanted to eat. Bailey was just coming out of the bathroom. She was wide awake.

"Hey do you think you could get each of the boys signatures so I can show them off at school today, because I doubt anyone will believe me." She asks, I had already thought of this.

"Look in the front pocket of your bag." I say, she raises her eyebrows. She walks over to her bag and sees the things I had the boys sign for her, and some photos of them, Angie, and I all together. She starts to fangirl. Again. She is going to wake up Niall, but whatever, he has to wake up anyway.

Bailey comes back into the kitchen very happy. She is excited. She sits down at the table and starts to eat. I go to my closet and get my outfit for my day, Honestly I hated the uniform they made us wear. It was ridiculous.

It is around 7 so Bailey had to go outside to catch her bus. I had a feeling she was going to become a lot more popular. Maybe like she could be like she was before mum and dad died. Popular, having a bunch of friends. It affected us both. Bailey was fine the first few years, she stayed at the top of her class, but now she acts like everything is pointless and I just don't get it. Maybe her older sister dating a huge celebrity, and her meeting One Direction, would help her get her life back on track again.

I sigh and go grab my phone. Niall is still asleep. I have two hours before I have to leave. I bet Zayn or Angie aren't awake either, and Angie is my ride to work. Plus the lads had some thing that management wants them to do. I dial her phone and wait for her to answer.

"What." she asks.

"Work, today, get ready and get over here." I answer.

"Do we have to go?" she asks.

"Yes now get dressed and over here."

"Fine" She says and hangs up. She is not a very happy person in the morning.

"Morning." I feel someone's hands wrap around my waist from behind as I am in the kitchen cleaning up Baileys mess.

"Hey." I say as he kisses the top of my head.

"Morning Shortcake." Niall says. I turn in his arms to face him.

"Why is it that you get to have a nickname for me, but I don't have one for you?" I say in a questioning tone. He places his lips on mine kissing me softly.

"Whatever you want babe." he says.

"I am definitely going to take you up on that leprechaun." I say joking.

"Anything but that." He says taking some of the dish soap foam in the water and flinging it at me. I scream.

"Come on." I complain throwing some back at him.

After about 15 minutes the floor is soaked and we are literally on the floor laughing.

I hear a knock on the door.

"Must be Angie and Zayn." I say trying to get up. When I finally do I go to the door and open it to see Zayn and Angie standing there. Zayn is trying not to laugh while Ang is just staring at me.

"What the hell happened to you?" She asks.

"Oh I just called Niall a leprechaun." I say just as Niall comes out of the kitchen looking as bad as me. "I'm going to get changed, there is food in the kitchen, unless that is covered in soap too" I add.

"I brought Starbucks." Angie adds. Everyone grabs a coffee and I go to the bedroom to change. When I get changed I had to blow dry my hair, it was like it was washed.

When I come out of the bathroom I see everyone cleaning the kitchen, it was like a flood. When we are finished it was time for Angie and I too leave. So we say bye to the boys and we part ways outside, and Angie and I head of to work.

"So you and Zayn do anything fun last night?" I ask as we are in the car.

"Not really we just got to know each other better, and we did a twitcam around 4am. The fans seem to like me, but I mean there are the people who are a little too obsessive sure, but they are all pretty cool. You and Niall do anything?" she says.

"Well we talked and then went to bed, not too eventful, but you know, who cares I got to spend time with Niall Horan, so I would say my life is made." I say. We both laugh.

We are pulling into the mall now and we are a little early so we go clock in and go to see what we had to do today. We're on the changing rooms again. Only this time in the juniors section.

We sit at the desk where people ask us for help and we collect the clothes they don't want. When around noon a girl around 15 comes up to us.

"Do they have this in a- oh my god are you Angie and Leah, as in the girlfriends of the Zayn Malik and Niall Horan." She says. Angie and I smile.

"Yeah, that's us." I say

"So you are the girls who stole them from me?!" she exclaims.

"What are you talking about?" Angie asks

"They were going to marry me someday, not date tramps like you!" she almost screams.

"Woah, calm down." I say

"who are you calling a tramp?" Angie says back to the girl.

"You obviously." She replies.

"Okay, listen. I am dating Niall and she is dating Zayn, they are happy, as a fan you do want them happy right?" I say and she nods. "Well then leave us alone, because I don't think any of them would like it if they saw you being a brat to us." I say

"Whatever. You two are just two ugly bitches." She says throwing the shirt she had at us.

"Well then." Angie says.

"I know." I say, more to myself.

So I was guessing it was going to be like this now. Oh fun.

Niall's Pov

Zayn and I said goodbye to the girls and headed over to Louis'. He texted us telling us that we needed to get over there as soon as possible. So we went over there, only to receive some news I did not in anyway want to here. It went like this...

-flash back-

"Simon wants to talk to all of us, he told me to get you two over here then head to his office." Louis says.

"Okay, but why?" I ask.

Lou just looks at me. I knew that look. I also knew what Simon had to tell us, but I don't want to hear it, or even accept it.

I just nod. We all pile into the limo that Simon had sent. Paul had met us outside since there were a few fans. We wanted to see the, but Simon said it was 'urgent'.

When we get to his office the lady at the desk, Ally, told us to wait, and Simon would call when he wanted us.

We all sit there, nervous.

Trust me I respected Simon. He was really great. I mean he scared me sometimes, but I still loved him, like an uncle of course. But I had a feeling that was Simon was going to say was going to piss me off.

"Simon is ready for you now." Ally says. We all get up and head into his office.

"Thanks Ally" Liam says as he walks by her.

We walk into his office and see Simon sitting in his chair and writing something on a piece of paper. We sit on the couches in his office, He looks at us all, his glance holding a bit longer on Zayn and I.

"So how has everything been?" He asks making small talk. I roll my eyes

"Simon, it would help if you skip the small talk, it is nothing like you. Just say what you are going to say." I say annoyed,

"Well, I'm not sure you will like what I have to say. It is about Leah and Angie." he says.

"what about them?" Louis asks.

"Well, they are just two girls who work at a mall, I mean, the fans might get mad that you are dating them. Its something called jealousy. Then again, they were fans correct, so the other fans might feel like they have a chance with you boys. Bot don't you worry that they might get hate is that what you want?" Simon asks accusingly.

"Simon, don't you think we have already thought of this. We talked it over with the girls they are fine with it." Zayn says

"Well I don't know if its the best thing, for your careers, for you to be dating anyone." Simon says as nicely as possible.

"Maybe, but my career isn't at the top of my list, my happiness is, although I don't know if you would ever under stand that." i almost yell and I walk out of the room. I didn't know where I was going but I had to go somewhere. I didn't want to deal with anyone right now. But I knew that nothing was going to keep me away from Leah...

-End Flashback-

So that is why I am where I am now. Blending in with the crowd at Trafalgar Square. Trying not to get recognized, and wondering what I am going to do next...

Liam's Pov

I don't know where Niall went when he stormed out but he did not look happy. I mean what Simon said isn't fair in anyway both Niall and Zayn should be able to date who they want without their 'careers' getting in the way. Simon then moved onto pressuring Zayn about dating Ang. I mean uncle Simon was great and all but he is beginning to get on my nerves.

"I'm going to do what I want, and I'm not going to let anyone control me." Zayn says as he walks out the door.
Simon sits there awestruck. This might of been the first time any of us has stood up to him.

"Simon, they are just mad because they don't want to be controlled. They want to be able to live their own life, all of us do." I say.
Simon purses his lips.
"Fine tell them to do what they want, but don't come complaining to me when it blows up in their face." He says, I think this isn't going to be easy.

"Okay." Harry says

With that we left the three of us going to go look for Niall and Zayn. Harry was going to go check Nandos, and I was going to check his flat. Louis was going to go to the mall to see if they went to find the girls. Both of their phones are either off, or they just keep ignoring us. I have a feeling they aren't going to be the easiest people to find.

-time skip about 35 minutes-

-Leah's PoV-

"Leah!!" I hear someone hiss my name. I look around but see no one. "Angie!! Leah!! Over here now!!" I hear them say again. I turn around looking in the direction of the voice. Sure enough in a corner looking right in my and Angie's Direction was a boy in a hoodie -hood up- and dark sunglasses. It had to be one of the boys. I then notice the jeans. Red. I grab Angie and we walk over to him.

"Yes Louis?" I ask.

"Lets go into the employee room so we can talk." He says quietly.
So we walk over to the back room. When we arrive Angie asks Lou a question.

"So lou, want to explain what you are doing here? During the day. While we are working?"

"I just wanted to know if you have heard from Zayn or Niall recently jeez." He says

"Why do you ask? I haven't had my phone on though, I can check it though." I say going over to get my phone from the locker in the back, I threw Angie's iphone over to her, luckily she caught it. 

I scan my phone as I walk over to them sure enough 4 calls from Niall and 14 texts. I show Louis the missed calls and texts.
Something similar was happening to Angie.

"So you want to tell us why Niall and Zayn have been trying to get in contact with us so much within the last 40 minutes?" I ask

"well...." He starts.

"What happened Lou?" Angie asks sounding nervous.

"Simon called us all into his office this morning, as you, probably know, and he wanted to talk to us about somethings. Some things pertaining to you two." He says quietly almost in a whisper.

"What about us?" I ask.

"Simon didn't think that Niall and Zayn should date you guys." He paused, looking at the shock on our faces, but before we can interrupt he says something else. "None of us would have it so we told Simon that he couldn't push us around, but by the time he agreed Niall and Zayn had left and we can't find wither of them." He said sympathetically.
I start dialling Niall's number and walk out into the store, more into the open...

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