All I Want Is You |Niall Horan|

Live for the moment, because you never know when it could all end.


4. Chapter 4


Leah's PoV

Everything was okay. Niall and I have been together every second since we kissed, and shortly after that Harry had to pay everyone- besides me and Niall - because he was the only one who didn't see 'us' coming. For the rest of the day we all sat in Louis' flat and hung out. Playing video games, and acting crazy.

Louis had called Eleanor so she had came and joined us. She was so nice and lovable. Perfect for Lou. Ang and became friends with El instantly.

The boys had an interview on Chatty Man tonight so we decided to all tag along. They say it would go pretty quickly and we could watch it then we can all go out. So we stand backstage with El as they film. It was all the usual questions. Them plugging things. Fan experiences. The questions from fans. The thing that shocked me the most was the question about Me and Angie.

@alancarr #chattyman1D any of the boys dating the girls they tweeted about a day or two ago?

I look at Angie and she is smiling, probably liking all the attention, and the girls who were jealous of her. Niall is smiling as well as Zayn. The other lads are just looking at them expectantly.

"Angie and Leah are some really good friends of mine and the lads. But I think Zayn and Niall like them a little bit more than the rest of us. Though. They even had them and El come with us tonight." Louis says. Niall and Zayn sit there awkwardly. I knew how they felt.

"Well why don't we bring the girlfriends out." Alan says Causing the audience to cheer. I was loving how this wasn't on live television right now.

The next thing I knew we were on the stage sitting on the couch while Harry and Liam were sitting behind us in some stools. I was next to Niall and Angie, while she was next to Zayn and next to Zayn was Louis then Eleanor on the end.

We hadn't even told anyone in our families that we were in a relationships with one of the most famous people who were in a platinum selling boy band. Let alone One directions management, and we were about to tell the world. Fun right? Now at all. It was actually kind of awkward.

"So, how did you guys meet?" Alan asks. Niall holds my hand.

"Well when we did the signing they were like our escorts around the mall and we all had time to hang out and I guess we just really hit it off." Niall says and Zayn nods in agreement.

"Yeah that is pretty much how it happened." He says.

"Well Niall what about that blonde you were snogging in that photo taken last night." Alan says as a picture of the two of them shows up on a screen. I roll my eyes, and tense up but put on a smile. It wasn't that hard, I could do this if it meant being able to be with Niall. Niall answers after a moment of awkward silence.

"Well, I got drunk and did some stupid things, but Angie here made sure to straighten me out. She is like the meaner girl version of Liam. She yelled at me constantly after it happened. It was actually pretty funny. But snogging that girl brought Leah and I together, so I don't regret it. I mean I do regret kissing some random girl, but it did bring me closer to Leah." He says kissing the top of my head.

Everyone "awwed" and Alan finally moved on. After getting past the question we knew was coming, it all went pretty smoothly. He asked El what she thought of us and people seemed to be pleased by that. It went a little like this.

"Eleanor what do you think of the girls?" He asked and a smile appeared on El's face.

"Oh my gosh. I love them. They are very lovely girls, and have become sisters to me even though we just met." She says. Alan seems satisfied. So he moves on to topics about the boys and their upcoming events. Then it was over.

-time skip- In the limo.

"Come on it wasn't that bad." Harry says, I nod.
"Yeah I guess, but it was still awkward. I mean we were the only ones who knew about us and now the world will know. Dang it. I am going to have to tell Bailey before she finds out on some fan site or on tv." I say an as if on command my phone starts blowing up, and so does Angies.

The relationship status of the boys hadn't been on tv yet, but the live audience did see it. All the notifications were from twitter. I knew what was coming. Angie had her phone out, reading it all. I was about to start looking at the tweets I was getting but Niall took my phone. I noticed Zayn had Angie's and she was trying to get it back. It was pretty funny, but I couldn't find get any laughter to come out.

"Yeah, you guys might want to spend some time away from the internet for a little while" Liam says. Angie is about to object but Zayn says something before she can.

"People can get pretty mean and we don't want you to go through that." He says pulling Angie into a hug. They were so perfect for each other. I put my head on Niall's shoulder, not letting a single tear escape my eyes as I wondered when we did read it if it was going to effect our relationships with the boys, and most importantly how it would effect me and Niall.

The boys got dropped off at Louis' flat and Angie, Zayn, Niall, and I grabbed Angie's car. We stopped at McDonalds for some take away then headed over to my flat. I had a little sister to take care of, and I had to tell her about me and Niall.

"Bai? You in here? I have Angie Zayn and Niall with me, please please please don't fang-" I start but get cut off by her screams. Angie had seen it coming and buried her head into Zayns chest while he and Niall were laughing. I clasp my hand over her mouth and raise my eyebrows, asking if she was done. she nods.

I take away my hand and go get the food. She had to be hungry. I look at Angie and see she was annoyed I put on the television and see it was still on Doctor Who, she runs over to the couch like a fangirl, Zayn just laughs and follows.

Niall is talking to Bailey, who seemed pretty out of it. I roll my eyes and put all the food on the table and walk back over to Niall and my sister. When I get over there he wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my forehead. I see Baileys eyes widen and she gasps. Angie yells in form the living room

"Yes Bailey your sister is dating Niall Horan and her best friend is dating Zayn Malik, now I would like it if you don't fangirl. Thank you." She yells I hear Zayn laugh, I just roll my eyes.

"Bu- wh- i- s- f--" My sister tries but can't form any words. Angie and Zayn appear from the living room.

"Face it Bai, Your sister and I are just THAT good." She jokes, going to grab a soda and some french fries.
I smack her as she goes by. If this was a normal day she would hit back, but she was just too happy to react, or so I thought. As she heads out back into the living room she 'pats' my back. Yep, she was still the best friend I had grown to know and love.

We grab the food and follow her out, she had shut off the tv and was just talking to Zayn. We all sat down and just talked, and for the first time in my life my sister was a girl of few words,

"Bailey? Are you alright?" I ask. "You do have school tomorrow and don't you want to brag about how your older sister is dating THE Niall Horan" I ask, pretty much thinking the way I knew she thinks.

"Its not like anyone would believe me anyway." She says. Angie scoffs.

"Yeah well tweet, facebook, and text all your friends to watch chatty man tonight, then they will believe you." Angie says. Bailey looks at her doubtingly. "Just do it Bailey." she says, and for the first time EVER my sister does what she says. Angie and I look at each other in disbelief but shake it off.

"Speaking of twitter, facebook, and texting can we please have our phones back?" I ask and Niall and Zayn look at each other,

"I really don't think you should," Zayn starts taking Angies phone out of his pocket. She grabs it, Niall just sighs and hands me mine.

"Look you made me miss a call from my mum." Angie says sounding annoyed, Zayn just laughs.

"Sorry love." He says. I automatically go onto twitter, it was probably the stupidest thing I could do, but I had too.

What people were saying about us, was not anything nice. Although you had the few who actually defended us. It still hurt. I felt a tear break the wall I had emotionally built, and all of a sudden it felt like they wouldn't stop.

Niall notices automatically, he pulls me into a hug, and says things like "shh" and "It will be okay" after I had finally stopped crying I pull away, seeing that we were alone.

Angie had said something about her and Zayn going to go get something at the store, but it was 9pm, what could they possibly need. But I pulled my mind away from that. I didn't want to know.

"Will everything be okay Niall? Will it? Because only about 50 people actually saw me at the show, and told people about me. Imagine how it will get later on. After the world sees this. If you ask me I can only see it getting worse." I say. He stays quiet for a minute. Then he finally says something.

"It will most likely get worse, but you will have me, Angie, Eleanor, and the rest of the lads to help you get through it. Most importantly WE can get through this. Together." He says.

"But what about the people saying things, how am I supposed to just forget about that?" I say. He takes out his phone. Types something quickly. Then I feel my phone buzz. I got notifications whenever Niall tweeted, stalkerish I know, but people do it anyway. I smile as I saw his tweet.

@NiallOfficial - I don't get why you guys are hating on Leah, I like her, she makes me happy, real fans want me happy, well the "fans" being mean to her are making me upset, and aren't acting like good fans. Please cut it out. And for those of you sticking up for her, thanks, I love you. 

"Thank you Niall." I say hugging him.

"You're welcome shortcake." He says before he kisses me.

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