All I Want Is You |Niall Horan|

Live for the moment, because you never know when it could all end.


2. Chapter 2


As we walk to the table we get quite a few dirty looks from some fans. All our arms were interlocked. Louis in the middle Angie on one side, me on the other. Zayn next to Angie and Liam next to him. While Niall was next to me and Harry next to him.
We had all exchanged numbers so we can still talk during the signing. I have a feeling we were going to become good friends with these guys. All the boys sit down at the table. Going in the order of Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, then Niall

It seems like this signing is taking forever. Every fan was the same. They had a favorite boy, they hugged everyone, got a cd or poster signed, then they left. Though there was this one girl who really got on my nerves. I don't remember her name. I wouldn't want to. She isn't a very nice person at all. Here is how the encounter went.


The girl walks up she looked about 17. She automatically flirted with Harry. It was really annoying. Sure other people had flirted with him too, but she was really strange, if you ask me she didn't look like a nice person as it was. She got a hug from Harry and he signed some merch for her. She gave him a slip of paper which looked like a twitter handle and a phone number. Then she moved on. Doing the same with every other boys. Then when she got to Niall, she kind of blew him off. Not even smiling when he said hi, and signed her merch. After he was done, she just walked off. Not bothering to hug him, or even say thank you.

He looked really hurt. I had heard about people doing that to him, and always felt bad, but seeing it in person absolutely broke my heart. I whipped out my phone and text him.

To Nialler <3
That girl was mean don't pay any attention to her, She doesn't matter. As long as you know your loved. Love you Nialler. <3

I looked at Niall as he looked at his phone and read the text. I saw him smile. He looked at me and smiled, and tapped at his phone. I felt my phone buzz. He was back to signing something for a fan. That fan gave him a hug. I like that one better. I look at my phone and read the text.

From Nialler <3
Yeah she was mean :/ And I love you too shortcake <3 :p

I smiled at his nickname for me. Just because I was shorter than him, he just had to make a nickname for me. I rolled my eyes, and put my phone back into my back pocket.

-End Flashback-

The signing is almost over. Just about 5 more people. Then we will have to say goodbye to the boys. I don't want them to leave, but who knows maybe we can see them again sometime.

Now it's time for the boys to leave. It's a sad moment. We all hug and promise to hang out soon. When they leave Angie and I go to her car. I feel my phone buzz. Angie's did too. 5 new twitter mentions,

Niall- Had such a good time at the signing. We had the best escorts ever @Leah_Eldridge and @Angie_413

Louis- Made 2 new best friends at the signing.
@Leah_Eldridge and @Angie_413. But they don't like Carrots...

Harry-@Leah_Eldridge and @Angie_413 Stole my Boo Bear from me. but I still love them .xx

Liam-@Leah_Eldridge and @Angie_413 are some very fun people. Thanks for coming to the signing everyone. Love you 

Zayn-Thx everyone for coming to the signing. Love @Leah_Eldridge + @Angie_413 we need to hang out again :) x

I smile and get into the car, I had become friends with one of the biggest bands over the world. Today was a VERY good day...

When we get back to my flat Angie decides to stay the night at, because by the time we got home it was late, and we were pretty wound up by what had happened today. When we had got home it was around 11pm and my sister Bailey was still up. Waiting for us.

"So were you planning on telling me you met One Direction and became friends with them or were you planning on never telling me. I was there, at the mall I saw you two behind the table with security. Plus I saw every single one of them tweet about it. What do you have to say for yourselves?" She asks, her face is serious.

Angie and I just kind of stand there looking at her, then burst out laughing.

"You know, since your older sister and her best friend are friends with One Direction, you might want to be nicer to them." Angie says, going to the kitchen to get a drink.

"She has a point you know." I add going to go sit down on the couch and Angie tosses me a pepsi and sits down next to me turning on the tv and putting on Dr.Who. She has a strange obsession with that show. I never really got it. So I take my phone out and start playing Happy Jump. I look up and see my sister standing there staring at us.

"What?" I ask.

"How can you both be so calm? You just met and spent time with One Direction, they tweeted about being your friend, and now you are sitting here watching the telly and playing a game on your phone! Are you insane give me details!" She almost screams. Angie and I look at each other and smile, turning back to her.

"Its not like we were going to faint. They would think we were freaks. I mean did you see your face when you met them, you looked like you were going to explode. I have a video of it if you don't believe me." I joke and she turns as white as a ghost.

"You wouldn't." She says.

"Oh you and I both know she would." Angie says.

"Just tell me everything that happened!" Bailey exclaims. Angie and I look at each other and shrug.

"Fine." We say at the same time.

So we do and the next thing I know it was morning. I'm guessing we had passed out in the living room, because Angie is on the couch and Bailey is on the floor by the desk. I am in the chair.

I get up and go to the kitchen, and grab a bagel and go to my room to get dressed. I look at the clock. 10 oclock. After I got dressed I went back to the living room I grab a pillow and throw it at Angies head. She woke up automatically and chucked it back at my head,

"Don't throw a pillow at my head to wake me up Leah." She says standing up and going to the kitchen. I just start laughing, she is so much fun in the morning. I follow her out.
She got a bowl of cereal and was eating it.
"So have a good nights sleep." I ask and she glares at me. I back off. I hear my phone go off. My ringtone was Stand Up, I loved that song. I pick it up and unlock it to see a text from Niall and 3 from Louis.

"Angie you might want to check your phone Louis has texted me 3 times in the last 20 minutes." I yell.

"Kay" She says.

From Boo Bear
Hey whats up call me.

From Boo Bear
WHY haven't you answered my text?

From Boo Bear
If you don't answer this one I am going to call the police and report you missing you have 15 minutes!

I shake my head, Louis was kind of protective

From Nialler
If you don't respond to Louis I think he might actually report you missing, I would text him shortcake.

I am beginning to like that nickname

To Boo Bear
Hey Lou I am fine calm down I was up late with my sister and Angie, Don't have to call the cops, so whats up?

I shake my head as I press send. Moving on to reply to Niall

To Nialler 
Thanks for the warning, I think he was actually going to do it too. Thanks Nialler Love you <3

I sigh and go back to the kitchen, Bailey was still sleeping. Angie was tapping at her phone.She looks up at me,

"Louis freak out on you too?" I ask sitting down next to her,

"Yup, he is like an older brother. I had a text from Zayn and Harry too, telling me to answer Louis so he didn't really freak." She says.

"I'm going to go get dressed, so I will be raiding your closet, be back in a few." She says, yeah she was sort of a shopaholic. I wouldn't be surprised if she lands a job in the fashion industry one day.
I feel my phone buzz.

From Boo Bear
YAY Youre alive, wanna hangout with me and the lads later Angie said she would and we have a free day?

I smile, I was smiling like an idiot.

To Boo Bear
Yeah I would love to. Where and what time?

From Boo Bear
We can pick you guys up in about an hour where do you live?

I text him my address and tell him and the lads to be prepared for my sister since I think she might die at the sight of them.
Angie was out of my room now, and it was time to get my sister up, if she wants to look good in front of One Direction,

"Hey Bailey if you want to meet One Direction you should get up now because they will be here in about 20 minutes.' I say
She shoots up from the floor.
"Are you freaking kidding me! I need to get dressed, DO NOT leave until they have met me."
I roll my eyes at her obsessiveness.

-20 minutes later-

*knock knock knock*

Angie goes to open the door.

"ANGIE" Louis yells.

"LOUIS" She yells back. That was their thing now. They hug each other, and the boys come in.

Everyone hugs and the Liam notices the small teenage girl hovering in a corner.

"I'm guessing that THAT is Bailey." Harry says. I nod.

"Well it is very nice to meet you." Zayn says, while the other boys say similar things.

"If we want to hang out we better get going because it is almost lunch time and I want some Nandos." Niall says.

We say bye to my fangirling sister and leave my place.

"So what are we going to do today?" I ask.

All the boys look at each other, NOW this is going to be a funny day.

"Oh my god," I say out of breath from running, leaning over with my hands on my knees. "Did you ever think that those fans are crazy?" I ask finally catching my breath.

"They might be crazy fans, but they are our crazy fans." Liam says.

"I still don't get how you put up with this all the time." Angie says.

"Well without the fans we wouldn't be where we are today, so we aren't going to just blow them off." Harry says as we are walking into Nandos.

"True." I say.

We all order our food talking while we wait for it to come. I was next to Niall and Louis, with Liam next to him, and Harry Angie and Zayn across from us.

"So you guys should tell us more about yourselves we didn't really find much out yesterday." Liam says.

"Well we have been best friends since we were little, and pretty much grew up together. We have always been like sisters and have our fights but get over it. I live with my Older sister Kylie, and only about 10 minutes from Leah." Angie says.

"And I live with my little sister Bailey." I say remembering her fangirling.

"You don't live with your parents?" Niall asks. 

"Well lets just say our parents haven't been around for a while, but we have managed just fine." Angie says, stealing a glance at me to check to see if I was okay. I meet her eyes nodding slightly but only so she could notice.
Our food couldn't of came at a better time.

We all ate our food and talked about little things. Getting to know one another better. Lets just says I didn't actually think Niall liked Nandos THIS much, I bet he could of eaten everything in the place. That was my Nialler.

After we finish eating we left Nandos and decide to go to a club. Angie and I were both 18 so we could drink, although we didn't really go out that much. But since it was One Direction we were going out with, we made an exception.

We went to Angie's house so we could make a quick wardrobe change. Nothing too dressy but not too casual either. After we changed and did our hair and make up real fast. We went to see the boys who were all in the living room watching tv, well except
Niall who was raiding Angie's Kitchen.

It was about 7 pm now and we were going to go to a club that was about 20 minutes from Angie's flat so we had to get going before the crowd got too big.

-time skip-

We are at the club now, and let me just say the boys can get pretty wild...

Harry must of flirted with EVERY girl there, it was sort of amusing.

Louis had been on the dance floor just being the funny person he was, and maybe not the best dancer, well he was kind of drunk.

Liam was being the good boy he is and sitting at a table watching all of us to make sure we don't get too crazy.

Zayn was at the bar. Angie was also at the bar, and they weren't just talking over a few drinks either. I smile to myself. They were so cute together.

Now Niall, Niall was at the bar. Drinking. Talking to people who came up to him, but I don't know how anyone could understand
him. He was slurring all his words. But I have to admit, he was still cute.

Now I, I was a little everywhere, I had danced with Louis, hung out with Liam, talked with Harry, and even got Zayn and Angie to loosen up. With the help of a few shots anyway.

The only person I hadn't been to was Niall. I was heading over there now.

I suddenly stop in my tracks. I couldn't believe my eyes. I turn around and walk out of the club. I think Liam saw me. I heard him call my name as I walked out.

I knew I couldn't drive, I might not of drank that much, but I still wasn't in any condition to drive. I start walking back to Angie's house. It was a long walk I could never make it in these shoes, and I wasn't going to take them off.Angie was going to be so mad about this I think as I snap off the heels from each of the shoes. And start walking to her house.

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