All I Want Is You |Niall Horan|

Live for the moment, because you never know when it could all end.


1. Chapter 1

A/N This was the first fan fic I ever wrote. I never finished it, but someone told me too, so I am. I apologise in advance for any mistakes. 

Angie and I flinch again as we hear another one of those blood curdling fangirl screams. Why did they have to be so loud!

I get it, One Direction is doing a signing here at the mall, I probably only was annoyed by the screams because I was jealous.

I am a directioner. All thanks to my little sister that is, I was always a fan, I watched them on the X factor and everything. Angie on the other hand she wasn't a fan for the longest time, but I changed that.

I sigh and look away from the wall that separated me and those girls screaming, and I go back to folding the clothes that people left in the changing rooms. God why did people have to be so messy.
When Angie and I finish folding clothes we go out and put them on the counter top for James to pick up and put back.

I look over at the group of girls, wishing I could be there with them, and not working. I could tell by Angie's blank stare towards the group of girls she was thinking the same thing.

Just then we see our manager come towards us, we hate her. She has this red frizzy hair and really looks like a clown. She walked her way over to us.

"Girls!" She says in her manly woman voice.

"Yeah Victoria, what is it?" Angie asks, obviously not caring.

"You guys are young and cute, would you mind doing the mall a favor. You would get paid." She says I see Angie look over at Vicky, I was all ears now.

"What exactly is this favor?" I ask, not knowing what it was going to be. I see Vicky reach into her back pocket and grab an envelope. My eyes widen as I see a symbol I would never ever forget.

"You two are going to be One Direction's personal, guides and pretty much do whatever they say." She says in a bored tone. Angie and I look at each other "You guys can change into normal clothes too, your uniform is too professional. As long as you have your name plates and this ID card, you will be fine." She hands me the envelope and walks away.

Angie and I run to get our stuff from the employee lockers. We change and redo our hair and make-up. What? We are meeting One Direction. We have to look good.

"Okay are you ready for this because I am not ready for this, these are the first big celebrities that we have ever met what are we going to do!" Angie freaks out, she gets like that sometimes, but most of the time she has everything planned out and is responsible like Liam. But she IS going to meet Zayn, so I see her point.

"Calm down." I say, but I was freaking out on the inside, I am meeting Niall Horan, You know the cute blonde one who has a voice that can make you pregnant. Oh and the accent that makes all your emotions- I am pulled out of my thoughts as I hear Vicky yell for us, It is time. We are going to meet and talk, and hang out with One Direction.

We walk outside to meet the boys in the back, they have to come in this way because there are so many people.  As we walk we are trying to stop our fangirl hearts form exploding, and when we see a car pull up, I automatically know who it is. Angie puts on her smile, she was always good at acting and hiding her emotions. I just stand there smiling like an idiot.

They all get out one by one. Louis. Harry. Liam. Zayn. I hear Angie quietly sigh as he comes out and towards us with the others. Then I see my favorite blonde head pop out of the car.


I couldn't help but stare at him. I mean he was so perfect in pictures and on TV but in real life nothing can describe it.

He catches me looking at him, and I notice he was looking at me too. We both look away and blush.
Oh. My. God, I just made Niall Horan blush.

I have a feeling that this was going to be a very good day.

"Okay, so you guys have about an hour before the signing starts. I want you to stay in the mall though, and make sure you always have security in your sight. And you have to stay with your escorts. Got it?" Paul tells us. Angie and I were One Direction's escorts.

All the boys nod and then Paul walks away.

"So, what do you guys want to do know. I'm Leah, and this is my friend Angie. By the way." I say. They smile and introduce themselves.

"I'm not sure about you lads but I'm hungry, I say we go get some food." Niall says.

"When aren't you hungry Niall?" Louis jokes, and we all laugh, and Niall playfully hits Louis.
"No fighting." Liam says. Wow he really was 'daddy direction.' I have to say being around these boys is crazy, and we haven't known known them for 10 minutes.

"Well, there is a McDonalds inside here, and its not that far, Niall if you think you can control your hunger for a little while longer we can all go get some food." Angie says. Niall nods,
"Well let's go" I say, and we all start walking towards McDonalds. I was hoping we aren't going to get mobbed by fans, but most of the fans were in line so we don't see any.

On the way to McDonalds the Angie and I got to know the lads, and they are really nice, I mean I was in love with them before but now, its serious.

When we get there we all went to get order our food then wait. There is a teenage girl working as the clerk. So the boys take pictures and sign some things for her.

We end up getting take away so we don't get interrupted by fans, and go to the employee room, which was actually made up quite nice. Like a VIP lounge.

"So what do you guys want to do?" I ask while we're eating.

"Lets play 20 questions!" Louis exclaims standing up. We all laugh and say yes.

"Okay, Harry you go first." Louis says, sitting back down and eating a chicken nugget.
"Okay girls, what do you think of the band?" He asks, we saw this one coming. We get out our iPhones and show them our cases and backgrounds.

"I would call us directioners." Angie says and I nod.

"We wouldn't of guessed, you guys are so calm compared to some other fans. I mean we love them to death and wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for them but it can get pretty strange sometimes." Liam says. All the boys nod.

"Okay. My turn!" Louis says. 
"Do you like Carrots?

"No not really" I say and Angie says the same.

"HOW could you NOT like carrots. They are orange and perfect!" He exclaims.

"They just don't taste that good, they are kinda bland. But don't worry, we LOVE stripes." I say. Louis looks at each of the boys.

"I like you two, you are now my best friends!" He says

"YAY! I am best friends with Louis Tomlinson! Best day of our lives!" Angie says as Louis pulls us both into a tight hug.

"Hey what about me?" Harry asks.

"Aw, you know no one can ever replace you Harry." Louis says pulling him into the hug also. In the next couple of seconds all the boys are in on the hug.

We pull a part and continue the game. Having a really fun time. Before we know it Paul was calling Liam, telling them all to get to the table to begin the signing.

We throw out all our trash and Angie and I walk with the boys to the signing. We are going to stand there while they were signing things. Some promotional stuff for the mall. But we don't care, it was more time we got to spend with One Direction.

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