Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


9. What a day.

I looked behind me and there she was... Alyson. Oh bejesus. This girl just won't stop. "What does the princess want now?" I said trying to sound sarcastic. "For you to go away. Justin come. You are sitting where you belong. Not with these nerds." "How insulting. You know it's a shame you can't be like us because we're graduating and while we walk across that stage getting our diplomas you'll be walking down these halls for many more years to come. Next time you ever dare to insult us or even bring your face near here, you will regret it and I will be the one you will regret crossing paths with. So I suggest you get out of my face, away from this table and out of our sight forever. Am I understood?" I said harshly. "I will be back." "Don't say I didn't warn you." She turned and walked away. "Damn Bells. I've never seen you so feisty before. Mrawr." Lola said making he hand into a claw and pretending to scratch like a cat. "It's the second time today she's done that." Justin stated. "Double mrawr." Lola said with both hands this time. "She's getting annoying. I only have so much patience for that girl." "Don't worry. If she comes back I got your back." Lola said. By the end of the day I got in the car with Justin. Dang it, I forgot. I quickly took out my pills and popped one in and drank water. "Drank your pill?" Justin asked. "Yep. It almost slipped my mind. So I'm gonna start working out today. I have to stay I'm shape and start eating healthy instead of junk food." "Can I join you?" "Of course, I'm running for the week and boxing right after. So once we come back my dad set up a bag in the garage to punch." "Awesome so lets stop by my house and get some clothes for me." We went to his house and it was huge! I can't even explain the way it looks. There's no upstairs it's a one story house and its expanded. "Hey Arabella. How are you feeling?" Pattie asked. She scared me a little that I slightly jumped to my side. "'Much better thank you. You have a beautiful home." "Thank you. I forgot that you've never been here before. It was the other way around. I always go to your house haha." We laughed an Justin came back with a bag. "Mom I'm gonna exercise with Bella. Ill be home in a few hours." "Alright Juju bean. Be safe." "Mom.. I said no more." He said with a straight face. I tried not to laugh but I am going to use it against him. "Leggo boo." "Bye Pattie. It was nice to see you again." "You too honey, be safe." "We will." We both said in unison. We got into the car and off to my house. I got dressed came downstairs and found Justin outside. "Alright juju bean. You ready?" I died laughing when I saw his face turn from a smile into the most serious face. It looked like this... -____- I couldn't help but laugh so hard. "Hardy har har. Lets go booger." I managed to get myself up and sooth myself down. "Alright juju bean." I said getting the last laugh out. We ran for a mile and went back. We hit the bag a bunch of times. Me being prepared for what might come if Alyson hits me first but I was prepared. "It's been a good day babe. Ill see you tomorrow. Be ready at 6:30. We're getting breakfast." "Alright love I will. Goodnight." We kissed and I saw him drive off. "Goodnight guys. I'm popped. I'm gonna go to bed now." "Goodnight baby girl. Sleep tight." I showered, put on my pjs and as soon I pulled the covers over my head I knocked out. What a day.
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